2018 Catch the Moment – Week 4

It’s the last week of January! Another week, another round of photos. This week, the Catch the Moment theme is Smile. And Recapture Self’s theme was On My Lap. And luckily, Tuesday’s photo fits both perfectly!

022 | Mon, Jan 22 ~ Monday! The perfect day to go to the coffee shop and set up my week’s bullet journal spread!

023 | Tues, Jan 23 ~ Two themes in one! Smile, and On My Lap.

024 | Wed, Jan 24 ~ Another coffee shop morning. It’s been pretty dreary, and these coffees make me happy! This is an Irish Mess Mocha from River Trail Roasters and it’s freaking amazing.

025 | Thurs, Jan 25 ~ Today was my parent-teacher conference with Homer’s first grade teacher. This was the display of snowpeople art from his classroom! It makes me so happy! The conference itself went really well. She had a lot of wonderful things to report.

026 | Fri, Jan 26 ~ Homer got out of school early because it was conference week, so we got to go into Seattle! We went with my mom, and my Uncle Don, who is in town from upstate New York. Our weather may be cold and dreary right now, but at least it’s not subzero temps? We had fun being all touristy around town. This is one of the fish throwers at Pike Place Market.

027 | Sat, Jan 27 ~ On Saturday we went to my Mom’s home and had lunch with her and Uncle Don, and Cinnamon, Garth and Allister, too! It was a really fun day. Here’s Homer with Uncle Don, and then Garth dressed in a children’s Bowser costume.

028 | Sun, Jan 28 ~ Saturday night, I had a Mom’s Night In gathering with my friends at Sarah’s house. Fun times were had by all!! Laughing, shots, ridiculous rounds of Cards Against Humanity… Just what we all needed! I’m so glad we did that. Grownup Slumber Party, ftw! Oh, so this counts as a Sunday photo because it was taken at like 2am, or something.

And that was my week! How was your week, everyone? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “2018 Catch the Moment – Week 4”

  1. Love that Tuesday hit both themes for the week on the head. That photo just makes me smile too! It looks like you had a fun week though and yum coffee. There is something special and relaxing about coffee shop coffee.

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