2018 Catch the Moment – Week 3

Hi! So this week, I completely forgot to do the prompt from Catch the Moment, which was: Cold. Oh well! But I did remember to use one of the themes from the weekly prompts over at the Recapture Self Village. The January prompts are Just for Me, At My Feet, My Day, and On My Lap. This week, I did: At My Feet, on Jan 18th.

015 | Mon, Jan 15 ~ I cleaned my desk! It’s coming together, slowly but surely. It really is an ongoing struggle. I’ve been reading Unf*ck Your Habitat and I feel like it’s actually helping. This was two 20/10s (20 mins cleaning / 10 min break). Just gotta keep working at it!

016 | Tues, Jan 16 ~ Look how cute little Ashton is lying down! It looks like he decided that lying on two pieces of furniture would be even better than one! Actually, Joe usually sits in the red chair. He’s probably waiting for him to come sit down.

017 | Wed, Jan 17 ~ Our neighbor dog, Jackson. He must be about two years old by now. He’s so super cute, and very loving. I adore him!

018 | Thurs, Jan 18 ~ My “At My Feet” photo. These snuggle bugs and I were all cozied up on the couch, and I remembered the prompt, and snapped this shot. We spend at least part of every evening like this, and it’s wonderful.

019 | Fri, Jan 19 ~ We made slime!!! Definitely a fun activity to do together, and fun sensory experience for kids and adults alike. It’s super easy to make too. I think I’ll make a post about it!

020 | Sat, Jan 20 ~ Here’s my kitty, Tails. He was sitting so still on my desk, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to practice some photography skills! I really like this photo of him!

021 | Sun, Jan 21 ~ Homer and Joe both convinced me to play Minecraft again, and now I’m finally getting the hang of how to play! I felt overwhelmed by it in the past, and I’ve tried to play it like 4 or 5 times, but this time it finally clicked, and now I’m like COOL, let’s play Minecraft all the time!! Now that I get what the heck I’m doing I’m also going to go hang with my pal, Meander, on Minecraft more, because they’ve asked me to play for ages, too! Anyway, I understand the hype now, it’s a lot of fun.

Well that’s it for now. It’s been a quiet week, and I haven’t felt much like photographing, to be honest. But once I’ve finished putting together a week’s worth of photos into a post, I find myself glad I put in the effort. So I’m going to keep on keepin’ on, of course! How’s your week been? Let me know in the comments! Wishing you all well, and I’ll look forward to seeing you here again soon!

2 thoughts on “2018 Catch the Moment – Week 3”

  1. Right? Even times when you miss days, it’s not a big deal, you have some…so you just keep going. There is nothing wrong with forgetting or not feeling it. It’s just about doing! Anyway…lol – – your photos are fun! Good job on progress on the desk. Our spare rooms are like that, I just want them cleaned out. ugh! It’ll get there though, as will your desk. Ashton says the better to see Daddy coming back 😉 Jackson is adorable! I just want to kiss that nose. The photo of Tails is beautiful too!

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