Catch the Moment 366 – Week 32

This week brought the end of our little family reunion, which was sad, but also, we were all so happy to have gotten to spend some time together! It was so very, very cool!

218 | Aug 5, Fri – Here’s D & H with their little nephew!

219 | Aug 6, Sat – And here’s a cat sitting cat! It was funny because this was an amazing day where two of my brothers and my nieces and nephew all came over and hung out at our place! We swam in the pool, ate burgers that I loved cooking for everyone, played in the newly installed playground at our place. Annnd… I have zero pictures of it all! At least W got some pool pics, but I haven’t seen them yet! Anyway, so this is the only photo I took today, haha! Yay, a kitty!

220 | Aug 7, Sun – Woohoo, got my new LuLaRoe Azure style skirt in the mail!!

221 | Aug 8, Mon – Homer got his new glasses!

And then we went on a walking tour of Seattle with our friends!

222 | Aug 9, Tues – I was exhausted from all the walking we did in the city, so today’s photo is just a doodle I drew while waiting for a work phone call…

223 | Aug 10, Wed – Playing with neighbors at our apartment complex’s playground

224 | Aug 11, Thurs – Yum, iced coffee! Also, Garth and Cinnamon’s anniversary, yay happy anniversary guys!! ❤

That’s it for now! Thanks for visiting, and check back in soon!

= = = = = = =
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