Catch the Moment 366 – Week 31

Ooh yes, catching up to August! Now that it’s nearly September! HA! I’ll get there, I’m truckin’ right along! Without further ado…

211 | July 29, Fri – Oh. Em. Gee. Look at this baby, ohmagahhh! So extremely adorable. I’m so happy I got to meet my friend’s new baby, and that we all went Pokemon hunting together!

212 | July 30, Sat – Super pretty cat sitting cat!

213 | July 31, Sun – And another!

214 | Aug 1, Mon – Here’s that kitten again… He has an amazing purr!

215 | Aug 2, Tues – And finally, long awaited since early this year, my brother arrived in town! And I got to see my nieces who I hadn’t seen in four years!!! Then Derek and his wife, Heather, said they could come to town too, and surprised us by arriving the same day! Amazingly awesome surprise!!

Homer and his cousin, A., didn’t remember each other, but they immediately hit it off, and played this silly, adorable game where they swung Allister on the swing between them, and took turns kissing him. Then, abandoning that plan, they both just dove in and kissed him a ton. We had to tell them to back off a little! haha! It’s really sweet that they love their baby cousin so much!

And look at him, he seems pretty happy about all the love too!

Here’s R., picking dandelions, as she loves to do… (A girl after my own heart)

And my brother, Wyatt, getting to hold nephew Allister for the first time!!

216 | Aug 3, Wed – The obligatory family trip to the Space Needle! (It was hilarious, we went to take this photo, and immediately just lined up in birth order without realizing it until after the photo was taken!)

217 | Aug 4, Thurs – And the next day, we went to the zoo! Four cousins hanging out on the gorilla statue!

That’s it for now! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back again soon!

= = = = = = =
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