Catch the Moment 366 – Week 30

More photo catch up! Here we go!

204 | July 22, Fri – First off, here’s Tails, being his total goofball self! I don’t think I wrote that it was recently his birthday! He turned 7 on July 8th!

205 | July 23, Sat – Gotta catch ’em allll…

206 | July 24, Sun – And this day, the 24th, is Ashton’s birthday!! He turned 3!

207 | July 25, Mon – Pokemon!! (I love Eevee!)

208 | July 26, Tues – We were Pokemon hunting again here too, but I put the phone away to watch my kiddo by the water. And then I pulled my phone back out to snap this photo! I love how this turned out!!

209 | July 27, Wed – I didn’t realize how Pokemon centered this week’s photos were until I started writing the descriptions! Team Valor, ftw, says Homer! He calls my team, Team Instinct, “Team You Stink!” Ha!

210 | July 28, Thurs – LOOK AT THIS CUTE CAT!! He is SO cute! He is 7 months old and freaking adorable, I love him! (One of my pet sitting cats)

That’s it for now! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back again soon!

= = = = = = =
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