Catch the Moment 366 – Week 29

Hi! So I’m about… 3 weeks behind? Ish? on these photo posts. Sorry about that! I realized this is about the time I fell completely off the wagon last year. But I won’t do that this year! No quitting the photo a day project!! I guess August is just a busier time in my life than I realized. Or perhaps it’s when Summer finally arrives and I say, “Bleh, it’s hot out, my brain is mellllting…” Perhaps both! I’ve been working more lately, being dragged to the poolside by my kid everyday, and I sprained my wrist, and just as that healed, my feet freaked out and have been in a fair amount of pain. I’m hoping to heal that soon, as hobbling around like I’ve been is not my idea of fun. But, you know what is fun? Sharing photos! So here are some from the week of July 15, to start, and the rest are coming right behind it! Hope you enjoy them!

197 | July 15, Fri – We went to the mall and did some Pokemon hunting then went to “the squishy place” so Homer could run around again. He was just a smidge above the height limit, and I told him he could play for a short time and he just had to be really extra respectful of the smaller kiddos, and he said ok. He did an awesome job, too. Can you believe how big he’s gotten? I can’t!

198 | July 16, Sat – What time is it? Time for WIZARD FEST! Heehee!

199 | July 17, Sun – We saw Phillip Phillips at the Zoo Tunes concert and then got to meet him in person!!!! Really fun day! (Joe made the sign as a goof, then when he found out we were going to meet Phillip Phillips after the show, he said, you HAVE to get a photo of him with the sign! So of course, we did!) Phillip Phillips is a really nice guy, and said Homer was very cute, and I told him how much we loved watching him and rooting for him on American Idol, too. An awesome experience!

200 | July 18, Mon – We went to a park where there are lots of cool little things to discover, like this mirror in a tree! P.S. this was the park where I rode the zip line, did fine, then fell when I went to dismount and sprained my wrist!

201 | July 19, Tues – Look, a cute cat I cared for!

Also, I got to babysit my nephew, yay!! Homer loved having his cousin over!!

202 | July 20, Wed – Volunteering with the goats! This guy’s name is Lightning, and I love his underbite!

203 | July 21, Thurs – And eye exam day for Homer, who did awesome! And he was prescribed glasses! We had to wait 2 weeks for them to come in! Stay tuned, those pics are coming soon!

That’s it for now! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back again soon!

= = = = = = =
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4 thoughts on “Catch the Moment 366 – Week 29”

    1. Yes, I love photographing animals, they’re so cute and sweet! Yeah, this summer has been much busier than I’d anticipated!! But it’s fine, I’ll just slowly catch up 🙂

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