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Currently // July 2016

Hi! I came across a currently link-up through Anne in Residence, and thought it’d be fun to jump on in. I’m a sucker for link-ups, what can I say?? 😉

Each month, the prompts are different. These seemed pretty cool, so without further ado…

toasting ~ having a new job! I got hired as a cat sitter with a really cool company and am excited about the new work I’ve been doing, and all the cute kitties I’ve been meeting!

going ~ to the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball tomorrow!! I’m so excited that Tina is also going so I can have someone to dress up with and dance with. I’ll write a whole write up about it afterward!

smelling ~ vinegar! I used this method to clean my tub today, and it really worked wonders. The shower will be next!!

wearing ~ blue! Apparently, it’s my color of the week. I am also excited to be wearing a tank top today. It was long sleeves yesterday, at only 67 degrees F, and raining. Today, it’s still raining a bit, but the sun is out and it’s more like 71, and it’s really pretty!

wishlisting ~ a whole bunch of stuff over at modcloth. I’ve never bought anything from them before, but I browsed their site the other day, looking for potential outfit possibilities for the Labyrinth Ball, and I pretty much want everything they have! SUCH cute stuff over there!



2 thoughts on “Currently // July 2016”

    1. Thank you! I watch the cats in their own home. I go over to the homes, gather info like where the food and water and litterboxes are, as well as a bunch of other stuff (mail, plants, lights that need to be on or off, trash bins taken to curb, etc). It all depends too on how long the trips are, some people go out of town for 3 days, and some for 3 weeks. Some people want visits once a day, some people want twice a day. And thanks, I’m happy about it! I’ve done it before, years ago, but with a different company. It’s cool to get back to it. 🙂

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