Catch the Moment 366 – Week 26

176 | June 24, Fri – Homer fell asleep with his head on my shoulder as I read him his bedtime stories. He felt so soft and snuggly. When I shifted a bit, his soft hand slid down my arm and flopped gently onto the bed. I took his hand in mine, and he just stayed asleep as I admired the beauty of it, our hands together, holding onto not only his hand but that moment, his sweetness, wishing I could freeze time. Is there anything sweeter than cuddling with my darling sleeping boy who is growing all the time, yet still so small? I treasure him immeasurably..

177 | June 25, Sat – The weather is so pretty!! I love the bright blue skies and fluffy clouds as the weather warms up just a little. It’s awesome and summer-y and gorgeous outside! It makes me so freaking happy!

178 | June 26, Sun – Here’s Nadiri with her baby, Yola, at the zoo! Can you see Yola? It’s kind of a terrible photo, but hopefully you can. She is seriously adorable!! I love watching this troop, they’re pretty phenomenal.

179 | June 27, Mon – My mom came up for a visit! And while they were here, Homer and Nonna got matching My Little Pony temporary tattoos!

180 | June 28, Tues – Homer asked very sweetly if he could sit on the car for a bit. He also had fun arranging his stickers from Trader Joe’s just-so on his t-shirt, so that Luigi looks like he’s eating a hot dog on a fork!

181 | June 29, Wed – Here’s Thunder the goat, and Maddie the sheep. They’re eating their snacks! Which I think was Willow branches this day..

182 | June 30, Thurs – I got a really cute photo of Tails! It’s been a while since I posted one of him, so I wanted to snap this when he was being all cute and super alert in the morning just after I woke up.

And just for fun a bonus pic from the same day. Here’s Homer and M. (his “wife” haha!)! I’m so glad they’re such good friends!

That’s it for now! How was your week??

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back again soon!

= = = = = = =
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2 thoughts on “Catch the Moment 366 – Week 26”

  1. Cuteness!! All of them. Seriously.
    The goats are major love. I think I see the baby ape in the photo – is it sitting next to Momma or is it by the belly? I love animals, but especially babies. Clouds, puffy lovely clouds.

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