Catch the Moment – Week 25

169 | June 17, Fri – Matthew came over, and he and Homer had a great time playing games. This board game was short-lived, actually, and soon they were back to playing Mario Kart 8, which seems to be their favorite.

170 | June 18, Sat – Homer showing Uncle Garth the latest stuff he’d learned on 3DS! It was a lot of fun hanging out with Cinnamon’s family! It was originally a beach party, but it got cold and rainy, so we reconvened indoors and snacked and chatted and watched baby Allister crawl and cruise the furniture. It was a really awesome afternoon!

171 | June 19, Sun – Happy Father’s Day!! We had a really sweet day, just lazy snuggling really, which is how we often spend our weekends. These two looked so cute watching the phone together that I had to snap a pic. Other highlights of the day included Homer giving Joe the gifts he’d made at preschool before school was out for the summer (yay for preschools that plan ahead!). Joe is such a cute daddy, and I’m happy that the three of us get to be a sweet little family together. I love these two both ridiculously!

172 | June 20, Mon – Homer rediscovered my binoculars! It had been so long since he’d seen them, that they were brand new to him, and he must’ve said 5,000 times, “Mommy! Let’s go on an adventure!!” before I could even get my shoes on. We did just that, walking around our little place, climbing some rocks, making a new friend. On the walk home, he tripped, and hurt his knee a little and cried, “This was NOT an adventure!!” I just reminded him of all the cool stuff we saw and did (spider web in a tree! new neighbor friend the same age as him!), and told him not every adventure is going to be 100% happy, but it’s still an adventure! He agreed, and we walked home holding hands. This sweet boy…

173 | June 21, Tues – Homer fell completely in love with this dog he saw in the gardening aisle of Rite-Aid. It was 50% off, and he was so enamored, I just said yes. And then he held it all afternoon, and gave it a bath in the evening! (This photo is post-dog-bath). And then he put it on his night table next to his bed. The best part is he named the dog “Welcome” because of the sign he’s holding!

174 | June 22, Wed – Goaties!! I love these goats. They’re so cute and sweet! There were three of them all cuddled in a pile in the sunshine. So sweet!

175 | June 23, Thurs – We went out with friends to Pump It Up for their bubble play time. Homer is most drawn to the air hockey table, and was excited to play with his friend, M. This is the girl he had been calling his wife! So funny! I’m glad they still have fun together. 🙂

That’s it for now! Thanks for visiting, and see you again soon!

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2 thoughts on “Catch the Moment – Week 25”

  1. Board games are so much better than video games, the boys need to learn that 😉 – – though don’t get me wrong I love my video games too. And Homer’s little dog is way too cute 😉 Goats, so sweet and cuddly!!! haha and you should tell Homer sometimes part of an adventure is getting an owie, so you can tell big stories later all about it!

    1. We have a strong love of both board games and video games in this home. Homer’s current routine is playing one level of a video game and one board game every night before bed! 😀 And yes, agreed about telling the stories later about injuries – heck that’s the only good part, right? Swapping scars and the stories of how you got ’em! Of course I can say that about me, but I don’t want to encourage him. I’ve had quite enough of taking him to the ER already in his short life! haha! Any more of those and I’ll be 100% gray-haired by the time I’m 40! Thanks for all the awesome comments, Angie!

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