Catch the Moment – Week 22

148 | May 27, Fri – Let’s play a game. You can take a minute to guess: what is this? Answer below the photo…

Dude. That was the remains of Homer’s corn dog. He ate half a corn dog, left the rest on the table, and our naughty beast of a dog ate the rest of it. All of it! Even the stick!! Or, well, he tried. This is like half the stick that he attempted to eat, but couldn’t. *sigh*

149 | May 28, Sat – Rainy day calls for photographing rain drops on the trees ~

150 | May 29, Sun – This little creature was sitting on my door when I got home! I thought it was a dragonfly at first. I scooped it up and looked at it a while, then wiggled my hand until it flew off. I did some research on the differences between dragonflies and damselflies and concluded that this one is a damselfly. So cute!

151 | May 30, Mon – I took Homer and Ashton to the off leash dog park and got this cute shot of Homer, looking like he really is Batman, surveying Gotham, ready to rescue anyone in need!

152 | May 31, Tues – I was driving along, and all of a sudden, saw this rainbow cloud in the sky! What the heck! Thank goodness for long red lights!! (Something only a photographer would say! πŸ˜‰ )

153 | June 1, Wed – Look at this goofy dog!! Soaking up the sunbeams on the carpet…

154 | June 2, Thurs – I was out walking Ashton and looked up, and this is what I saw. So beautiful I had to stop and snap a photo right there and then! I love being surrounded by so much beautiful greenery up here!

That’s it for now! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you had a great week, too!

= = = = = = =
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6 thoughts on “Catch the Moment – Week 22”

  1. Teach you to leave the yummy smelling corn dog out…it was all too tempting. And you know the stick also tasted like hot dog. Hopefully he doesn’t get any owies from it. So many pretty shots this week, adore the rain drops on the pine tree. And love the sun bathing puppy too! Of course, I also adore and love the rainbow. I giggled when you said you took Homer and the puppy to the off leash park, cause in my head I said oh Homer gets to play off leash and giggled some more lol

    1. Ha you’re so silly, Angie! Thanks for all the compliments, too, I’m glad you enjoyed them. And no worries, Ashton is a-ok, normal poops all week, no issues at all! He’s just a goober, thieving dog, and yes, now we’re a lot more careful about any food left out, as in, we don’t leave any out, even for a moment!!

  2. So many gorgeous photos here–I love the one of that cloud! Too funny about the corn dog–that sounds like something my dog would do. I’m constantly having to remind my son not to leave his food or she will get it!

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