Catch the Moment – Week 21

141 | May 20, Fri – Let me tell you about Homer meeting Dolly the Pony at Fox Hollow Farm. He was SO scared! He insisted on getting off immediately the first time he got on. I think his butt was in the saddle maybe a full second before he was back up and “Nope, nope, nope”-ing his way out of there. Then my sweet friend, Shoshana, told him more about it, how it’s wobbly but fun, and the pony didn’t go very far (her daughter had ridden shortly before Homer tried). Then she said, “But if you don’t want to, that’s ok, too!”

And she inspired me! She made me realize that there was one more thing I knew I could offer, and if he turned it down, I’d know he wasn’t ready yet. “How about you try it just for a few steps, until Dolly walks next to that tree? And if you still don’t like it, just tell me, and you can get off,” I said, and pointed to the tree about five feet from the the starting point. “Ok!” he agreed.

So we got back in line, and when it was time, he sat in the saddle, and we started walking. He nervously giggled and marveled at it the entire time. “It feels like she’s about to start running!! But she’s not running! She’s walking! Good pony! Good girl, Dolly!” It was so incredibly cute! I’m ridiculously proud of him that he was willing to do it even though he was scared. He did so awesome! Look at this smile!

142 | May 21, Sat – Ashton and Tails sleep on me in some crazy combination of ways every night when we watch tv. It’s SO CUTE!! I love when Ashton covers his face like this.

143 | May 22, Sun – Almost forgot to take a pic today! But remembered at night, so snapped a shot of my favorite subject, my sweet boy. Everyone’s cuteness increases exponentially when they’re sleeping, don’t you think?? That’s my theory anyway.

144 | May 23, Mon – Just practicing snapping photos of Homer, and I got this one. And then, playing around in Instagram, I found that the black and white setting looked best. I’m excited about how well it turned out!

145 | May 24, Tues – The kids made pet rocks at preschool today. This one isn’t Homer’s, but it is the cutest photo I got of the rocks!

146 | May 25, Wed – One of the most fun signs that weather is warmer and summertime is upon us? Bubbles!!!

147 | May 26, Thurs – And OMG, my little guy is a preschool graduate!!! Here he is with his amazing teacher, Teacher Amy. We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful teacher, and he had the best school year at his awesome co-op preschool.

It was such a wonderfully sweet week! How did yours go?? What are some signs of summer that you’re seeing lately? Let me know in the comments!

= = = = = = =
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2 thoughts on “Catch the Moment – Week 21”

  1. the pony story is just amazing. So proud of him for trying again and being so proud and giddy over doing it! Such a pretty pony too. And the sleeping fur babies are so sweet. Roxy never covers her eyes, but if she did I would find that the cutest thing ever too. Such sweeties. Bubbles are so fun, I still enjoy bubbles. In fact, I have that wand! hehe

    1. Thanks!! And oh my gosh, yes, I still love bubbles too. There was always a bubble station at preschool and when it was my turn to watch the kids on the playground, I’d often play with bubbles simply because I could, and love them!! 😀

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