Just Write

I wish I could remember where I heard it first, but I recall reading that one way to overcome anxiety in social situations is to just say, “Oh man, I’m nervous.” Something about letting it be stated out loud actually alleviates the anxious feelings.

So, here it is: I’m nervous to actually write more in this blog!


Why? I don’t know. Does anxiety ever make sense??

I think part of it is my perfectionism. My inner critic has me believing all kinds of shenanigans. I say things to myself such as: well, all these other successful bloggers have their awesomely branded and well advertised blogs, I should be like that before I really get started. Before I really get started, I should have the right template, the perfect name (is this the name I’ll want to keep for the blog, and if it isn’t, shouldn’t I re-brand before I start writing a lot of posts?). Before I really get started writing, I ought to sign up for ads, or affiliate links, I should know my focus, I should have a niche, I should find my truest writing voice, I should, I should, I should… And then before I know it, I’m should-ing all over myself!!


So… …Instead of worrying about all that, I am telling myself two words:

Just. Write.

That’s going to be my motto to live by, instead of worrying what kind of blogger I want to be, whether I’ll ever have a popular blog, whether I just want to focus on writing novels, and have the blog as kind of a side thing, or maybe I want to grow the blog, and then people can find my blog and find my novels after that. Nevermind that I still have crap-tons of work to do on my novels before publishing can even begin to approach my radar!

Just. Write.

But, b-but, but, but… I don’t know whether or not to have separate blog for animal stuff or parenting stuff, I don’t know what my focus is, I don’t know what I’m doing!!!

Just. Write.

After all, the only way I’ll ever know what I need, or where the blog is headed, or how I feel about keeping this blog at all is if I actually keep it and write. The last time I mentioned needing to just write, I still neglected to get myself in gear, and I think the main thing that’s been holding me back is just this fear. Fear that it won’t be liked, won’t be perfect, won’t be good, won’t be entertaining at all, but… the thing is, my blog also won’t be read if I don’t write. So, what can I do? (Say it with me now..) ~ Just WRITE.

Plus, I’ll always be writing something anyway. It’s who I am. It’s a need in life. So I might as well channel that energy into this blog at least some of the time! So yes. Just write. Words to live by.

And look at that, just like that, I wrote a blog post. Welcome to my imperfect, doubt-filled existence, in which I’ll just write, and sometimes it might suck, and sometimes it might be good, but by golly, there’ll be content. Don’t ask me why I feel driven to keep a blog, or why it simultaneously scares the crap out of me. Those are some of the Great Mysteries of Life, right up there with “where the f**k are my socks?” and “why does chocolate heal the soul?” We may never know!! All I know is I have a list of ideas and prompts and an urge to write, so hold onto your bootstraps (what are boot straps?), and stay tuned. More content coming soon!

= = = = =

What about you? Do you ever need to state fears out loud to face them? Do you ever experience writing/blogging anxiety? And how do you handle it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Just Write”

  1. I find the best way for me is to just jot down random titles. I only write what matters to me the most and it usually is what my brain unconsciously is thinking before I become aware of it. In other words I don’t censor what I write until after the thought processes the information. It allows me to go back when I feel the urge to write and I am able to be more creative. But that’s me everyone has their unique way of contributing to their writing. It’s normally what I take value of so it frees my head. Lol

    1. I know just what you mean about freeing your head! I feel like writing is the only way to get things to stop rolling around my mind sometimes. I like free writing, too – I tend to only do that in journals. Maybe I’ll give it a try for blog entries sometime, too. Thanks so much for sharing your process!

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