Catch the Moment – Week 18

120 | April 29, Fri – This was the day Tina and I ventured off to our Moms’ Retreat Weekend in Seabrook, WA! It felt like a pretty crazy thing to do, as I’d never been away from my kiddo before, but I’m really happy I went! This is from the first day ~

And so is this ~ (The VERY windy beach was intense, but I actually loved how it “styled” my hair!! Apparently I need to go to extremely wind-blown beaches more often!)

121 | April 30, Sat – It was weird waking up and having an awesome breakfast and then… no other plans. No one to care for. Just… the whole day, up in the air, free for relaxing and adventuring however we pleased. A few of us ended up walking along various beaches. This wrecked ship was a surprise, but also one of my favorite photos from the day…

122 | May 1, Sun – And just like that, it was time to go home! And what kind of a road trip would it be without good friends and cookies? We didn’t choose to find out!! 😉

We drove along the coast and stopped every so often to see awesome stuff, including plenty of gorgeous beaches ~

And we also saw this super damn adorable dog ~ I thought he was a stray before I realized this lackadaisical beach town we were passing through was just the type to be like “whatevs” when it comes to the neighborhood dogs. He was either one person’s, or many, or whatever, but the neighborhood was definitely his home. I’m not a fan of loose dogs at all, for their safety and others’, but… not much I could do other than admire him and say hi and wish him well as we left..

I’ll write more about the Moms’ Retreat Weekend super soon!

123 | May 2, Mon – Tails was happy to see me (as was the whole family! And I was glad to see them too!). He was also glad to see my phone (which apparently doubles as a pillow)!

124 | May 3, Tues – Back at preschool, one of Homer’s friends had static electricity hair!

125 | May 4, Wed – Another preschool photo. Homer and Matthew discussing important matters at snack time (such as poop-related knock knock jokes, or who likes what types of candies the most…)

126 | May 5, Thurs – Homer taking a moment to relax inside the smoothie shop

And after smoothies, we saw the play, Sleeping Beauty, at the Kirkland Performing Arts Center. It was pretty fun!

That’s it for now! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back again soon!

= = = = = = =
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4 thoughts on “Catch the Moment – Week 18”

  1. Beaches, babies and furry little ones? How could you have a better week in photos? I love all the pics. If I had to pick a fave, it would have to be the static electricity. It’s such a fun pic! The shipwreck and the dog come next at a very, very close tie with #1.

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