Catch the Moment – Week 17

I got behind once more, but here we go. Catch up time!

113 | April 22, Fri – Homer and his pal, C., having a play date at McDonald’s, where they first met. Now they’re in preschool together, and are good buddies. They’re super cute together. Homer tried to show off in front of him, uttering, “Hey! Let’s annoy my mom!” moments after this was taken. Smh.

114 | April 23, Sat – I got to see my RENNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! I hadn’t seen her in 3 years. Ren is on my list of amazing friends who are so beloved and special that it seriously doesn’t matter if we’ve spoken or chatted or texted or anything for months at a time. We just pick up where we left off like no time has passed. I wish I could see her a lot more, though!! I’m so glad we got to hang out and have dinner during her lightning quick visit to Washington. Ren = <3.


Homer loved Ren and Nick! I told him he’d met them as a baby, and they knew him even before he was born, so he said, “Well this is my first time meeting them when I’m five!” True indeed! Anyway, here he is regaling them with his magic tricks! 😉

115 | April 24, Sun – Before bed, we wrote on the dry erase board. I asked Homer what he was grateful for, and he wanted to write it himself. He wrote all the letters on one line, which is progress! And he wrote it in mirror-writing (just like his mama can! Yay for lefties!!) Oh and I wrote Daddy, and Homer said I should write husband, so I did, but then I just wrote Joe’s name, because I think it’s funny that Homer often calls us by our first names too.

116 | April 25, Mon – Lady bug! The kids got to see and release live ones at preschool today. So fun!

117 | April 26, Tues – Got a totally rad manicure from my pal, Meander!

118 | April 27, Wed – It was dandelion week at preschool, and I looove dandelions, so I took a photo of one, but had to complement it with one of Homer’s art projects too!

119 | April 28, Thurs – Aaaand happy birthday to me! 😀 Homer and Joe singing to me was so sweet! As was the cake!! (ba dum pssh!) It was a lovely and happy birthday, for sure!

That’s it for now! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back again soon!

= = = = = = =
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