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Catch the Moment 366 – Week 14

092 | April 1, Fri – Here’s Homer and his buddies playing at the beach! Spring definitely sprung, and we had snow-cones and fun in the sand. It was an awesome day!

093 | April 2, Sat – Beautiful sunset! I was out getting snacks for Homer and M, who was over for their first ever sleepover!! It went really well, overall. I wish I’d gotten a non-blurry photo of the boys, but oh well. Sunset pic will have to do! 😉

094 | April 3, Sun – The next day, we celebrated this wonderful guy’s birthday!! This is my little brother, Garth. I guess he’s not really that little. 😉 He told me he’ll always be my little brother, though, so I’ll still always call him that. (I totally cried when he said that btw, ha!)

Our mom made him a cake:

And I played with my nephew A, too:

He currently holds the title for World’s Cutest Baby.

095 | April 4, Mon – This is kind of a crummy photo, but it’s the only one I took this day, so I’ll post it! Whenever I make smoothies, I pretty much always put in almond milk, frozen mixed berry medley, a spoonful of peanut butter, a banana, and a handful of kale. It’s pretty tasty! Do you all ever make smoothies? Hit me up with some awesome flavor combinations, if you do!

096 | April 5, Tues – Omg, after three years of trying to get to the Tulip Festival, we finally managed to go!!! And these are two of my favorites… (I took hundreds of photos! It was SO beautiful, and a really wonderful way to spend the day!!)
^World’s Cutest Little Boy right here ❤

Tulips for ages! ~ ~

097 | April 6, Wed – I snapped this when we went to IKEA. It was so cute watching Daddy and son pushing carts side by side. It was rare that it stayed this way, too – far too often, Homer was behind Daddy, and Joe kept turning around to say, “Oh my god, please walk next to me and don’t hit my ankles!”

098 | April 7, Thurs – And a beautiful juvenile male Humboldt penguin at the zoo! Don’t you just love these guys?? They’re so cute!

That’s it for now! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoyed the photos!

= = = = = = =
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