Catch the Moment 366 – Week 13

085 | March 25, Fri – I took Homer out for a cupcake, and this is the one he chose. He really likes sprinkles. Plus, as he said, “I’m sure it’s someone’s birthday!”

086 | March 26, Sat – Democratic caucus! There were so many people we had to go outside because we were in violation of fire codes!

087 | March 27, Sun – This is my most favorite Easter bunny in the world! 🙂 His expressions crack me up! Happy Easter, everyone!

088 | March 28, Mon – Homer and his friend, L, had the best time in the balloon room at Wiggle Works!

089 | March 29, Tues – When the weather is nice, we do outdoor preschool! Here’s a barnyard scene the kids made. I love their materials used for fencing!

And here is the teacher, showing the kids the ASL sign for “tiger” while reading them a zoo book. It was zoo week at school, so they got to learn all about wild animals.

Then sadly after school a rousing time of playing with sticks ended with a trip to Urgent Care. An accidental miscalculation while tossing a stick down a hill caused it to go spiraling into Homer’s face, and caught him right under his eye, and I couldn’t tell if it had gone in his eye. Just a few days prior, a friend had gotten a miniscule splinter in the eye situation, so when Homer said calmly, “My eye feels so big! Everything looks pretty blurry…” I said, ok time for the hospital! One eye exam later, and he was given the all clear – no scratches on the eye ball itself. I took pics to document the swelling so that I could compare if it had gone down, and as you can see, it definitely did! Poor kid. He was doing just fine about an hour after all this occurred!

090 | March 30, Wed – The next day was another beautiful day for outdoor preschool! This is Homer’s pal, L, again, on her birthday!! Wearing the birthday hat, and Homer, the teacher, and all their friends have their hands up pretending to be candles as she runs around and blows them out!

091 | March 31, Thurs – And here are some beautiful flowers blooming by our home! I LOVE these plants, they make me so so happy every year (I don’t even know what they are, I’ll have to find out)! Their open pink petals are a true sign of Spring!!

And in addition to it being zoo week for Homer’s preschool, it was zoo week for me! I started volunteer training this day, and couldn’t be happier about it!! Here’s a pic I snapped while we were out on zoo grounds. I love otters so much!

That’s it for now! It was quite a week, that’s for sure! How were things for you this week? Do you have a favorite photo from this set? Did you have a nice Easter holiday (if you celebrate), or a nice weekend if you don’t? (We celebrate by eating candy, haha!) Let me know in the comments!

= = = = = = =
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1 thought on “Catch the Moment 366 – Week 13”

  1. Wow! What a week, poor Homer – what is it with Urgent Care visits this last week? No! No more. And that cupcake is my favorite!!! Perfect choice. Flowers & otters both make me happy!

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