Catch the Moment 366 – Week 10

064 | March 4, Fri – Finally made it to gymnastics after a long time away! We’re going to have to make this a regular thing. He super loves it!

065 | March 5, Sat – Got to see my nephew again!! This time Garth and Cinnamon invited us over to their place, so off we went. Homer and Allister had cousin time, and the puppies had cousin play time too! And I had fun trying to snap a good photo of this sweet guy. I think I got a good one!

066 | March 6, Sun – We got to go to Homer’s buddy’s birthday party! It was a lot of fun, and this puppy cake was adorable (and delicious!).

067 | March 7, Mon – Homer’s art from a little while back. I’m trying to make sure I take photos of all of it, so at least we can keep those even if we don’t keep the actual art. They make art daily in preschool, so it’s truly impossible to keep all of it, but this is small and sweet, and hanging in the hall right now.

068 | March 8, Tues – Look at me, I saw something on Pinterest, and actually did it! Peanut butter and chocolate chips on apple slices. Not too bad, and kid-approved, too! 🙂

069 | March 9, Wed – Making coffee filter umbrellas this week with water color paints at the art table in preschool, and snapped this photo. Very messy project, but super cute, and the kids loved it!

070 | March 10, Thurs – I had a volunteer interview at the zoo this week! Wish me luck! I also had the good fortune of getting a close up shot of this guy as I took a short walk before heading home. I remember when he and his brothers were itty bitty! And now they’re so big! And beautiful as ever.

That’s it for now! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back again soon! How was your week?

= = = = = = =
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