Catch the Moment 366 – Week 9

057 | Feb 26, Fri – This is one of the balloons Auntie Cinnamon gifted to Homer for his birthday. It’s been floating like this on the ceiling of his bedroom. Homer nicknamed him “Space Monkey” which cracks me up! “Space Monkey is watching over you!” he said the other night.

058 | Feb 27, Sat – Homer is the cutest! He started playing with this Valentine heart we’d cut out, and I just had to snap a few pics. He laughed through most of it, and so many were blurry, but got a couple nice ones too! I love my silly, lovey boy!

059 | Feb 28, Sun – My crazy son loves playing this Roblox game on Xbox. He’s been driving us crazy by being a saxophone playing chicken the last two days. There are also other saxophone playing chickens. One button is all it takes to make the saxophone play a jazz lick. Homer (and all the other chickens) press this button a lot.

060 | Feb 29, Mon – Happy Leap Day! Mmm, Starbucks breakfast. And the sun was shining! Good stuff on our extra day of the year.

061 | March 1, Tues – Happy March! We helped Homer make his All About Me poster for the following day, which was his “star day” – his day to be Star of The Day at preschool. This is our family portrait. Homer drew himself, then asked me to draw myself, and I asked Joe to draw himself! It turned out pretty cute, I think! (Homer picked out all the colors for each of us to use too.)

062 | March 2, Wed – And here is Homer being Star of the Day, presenting his poster to his class!


063 | March 3, Thurs – Any day I get to spend with my sis in law and nephew is a good day! He did great at the restaurant, too. So fun! ❤ He's six months old already! Can you believe it?

That’s it for now! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back again soon! Which photos do you like? How was your week? Let me know in the comments! 😀

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