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Catch the Moment 366 – Week 6

036 | Feb 5, Fri – First visit to the EMP museum in Seattle! It was awesome. Homer and his buddy were excited to make themselves Mario characters, and had a great time exploring all the various exhibits from fantasy map making to pretending to fly a space ship. Awesome day! AND, we got to take advantage of the kids 4 and under being free, which was only going to be the case for a few more days!!

037 | Feb 6, Sat – Then my little guy spiked a fever. 😦 But it was sweet that he fell asleep on me…

038 | Feb 7, Sun – The next day, he felt up to decorating the card his class gave him. They all picked a name of a different classmate randomly, and Homer just so happened to pull the name of one of his favorite buddies – Matthew! This is the Valentine card he made for him…

“We love you, Matthew! Love, Homer”

039 | Feb 8, Mon – We were sooooo sad that Homer was still feverish and we missed the field trip of walking from preschool to the little post office to mail Valentine’s. But we walked to our own mailbox and sent out Matthew’s card.

040 | Feb 9, Tues – The next day we took both sickly guys, Joe and Homer, to the hospital, where they were each diagnosed with infections. Sinus infection for Joe, double ear infection for Homer. I joked that we were re-enacting spending all day in the hospital on the day of Homer’s birth, because it was Homer’s FIFTH birthday!! I can’t believe my baby boy is 5 now!!! Here’s a collage of him and previous birthday photos, and this year’s cake.

I picked out this Valentine cake for him, because he’s my sweetheart, but also because I knew he’d be excited about the X’s and O’s, since he told me “Exes and Ohs” is his favorite song right now.

041 | Feb 10, Wed – “If I fits, I sits!” Tails loves the boxes of all of Homer’s board games. This game is called Laser Maze Jr. and it’s super fun!

042 | Feb 11, Thurs – Look at this amazing artistic cat! 😉 This is the art set (Gross Art! that’s the stinky foot I redrew for Homer to decorate) that the awesome Auntie Cinnamon brought for Homer on his birthday (a surprise along with paper dolls Batman set, and 2 balloons! which was the best as we were all sick so it was hard to get outside and do anything, including getting my little guy any cool birthday stuff! yay for amazing aunties!!!!). Tails laid down on everything, so I snapped his photo, hehe!

That’s it for now! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back again soon!

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