Catch the Moment 366 – Week 5

029 | Jan 29, Fri – While teaching Homer how to play musical notes by blowing into bottles, I lined these suckers up and played a rousing rendition of Mary Had A Little Lamb.

030 | Jan 30, Sat – Look at these two cutie pies snuggling on the floor! Ignore the blur of the dog. Look only into the cuteness!

031 | Jan 31, Sun – Our chess set has an extra bishop and a missing knight in the white set, so we added Apple Bloom as a knight stand in. She did a fine job, but was ultimately defeated.

032 | Feb 1, Mon – Can you spot the thing that cracks me up about this photo? (If you said ridiculous sloth claws mere inches from his face, then you guessed correctly!) I so love how cute he is when he sleeps. It’s ridiculous, I could just stare at him all night.

033 | Feb 2, Tues – Cute cat is very cute. Especially when he’s really into snuggling inside his newest cardboard box.

034 | Feb 3, Wed – Homer and his buddy, sitting together in the chair. These two are so funny together!

035 | Feb 4, Thurs – And OMG — these two pals are now registered for Kindergarten in the Fall. My favorite thing was Homer asking one of the women at registration, “Isn’t it surprising to see a little kid in such a big kid school??” He’s pretty excited about “big kid school.” I’m excited for him, too!

That’s it for now! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back again soon!

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