Catch the Moment 366 – Week 4

Is January seriously ending already?? What is even happening?

022 | Jan 22, Fri – Tina got her new coverup tattoo with the awesome Amanda of Ink Illusions in Kirkland, WA, AND asked me to come along! How exciting!! This is one of my favorite pics from the night…

And here’s the progression of the former tattoo and coverup art…

023 | Jan 23, Sat – This is how Ashton snuggles in my lap. I freaking love this little guy so much.

024 | Jan 24, Sun – I decided to take Homer to see Cougar Mountain Zoo today. This is the best pic of the day. “Hey Homer, want to take a silly pic?” I asked. And this is what he did all on his own! If anyone knows silly, it’s Homer!

025 | Jan 25, Mon – Sarah and Marcus came over!! So fun! So, this group is called “Catch the Moment, right? And this is the moment little Marcus stole my salad, hahaha! I walked away to grab something and came back, and a minute later heard “Mmm!” You’d think I would have anticipated that, because Homer loves salad too, but it just didn’t occur to me! (Also, notice the watchful eyes on the left hand side of the photo, just counting on the toddler to drop some food?? This dog knows what’s up.)

026 | Jan 26, Tues – I walked around Greenlake with a friend while Homer was at school, and this is a photo I snapped of all the duckies hanging out together.

And my friend, Amy, took this photo and sent it to me later, Homer with his arm around his sweet friend at school. SO CUTE!

027 | Jan 27, Wed – Here’s Homer with his friend again this morning. She comes over weekly now, which is awesome. They were both watching a video together on my phone, and it was the cutest thing!

028 | Jan 28, Thurs – The sun coming out! Sometimes a rarity, it’s nice when I can catch it and take a minute to appreciate it before it vanishes again!!

That’s it for now! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back again soon!

= = = = = = =
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4 thoughts on “Catch the Moment 366 – Week 4”

  1. What great photos!
    Puppy cuddles are the best, my Roxy and I cuddle every morning and she gets ticked off if I don’t sit down quick enough to do our cuddles. Plus the first photo of the tattoo cover up happening just made me giggle, so much enjoyment coming out of that photo. Plus the cover up work is awesome!!
    The peek of the sun and clouds, my favorite!

    1. Thanks so much!! Yes, we laughed so much on tattoo night. And I agree, puppy cuddles are one of the best parts of my day. So funny that your Roxy gets impatient about them. Yay, glad you liked the sun/clouds photo too. I am so looking forward to Spring when we’ll get way more sunshine. The sun hides about half the year in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s such a welcome return when it’s out the majority of the time in Spring/Summer!

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