Parenting, Writing

My Week in Haiku


Summer has arrived.
The sun doesn’t set ’til ten.
It is pretty weird.

My kid was screaming
Because I didn’t let him
Touch the hot burner.

My dog barks a lot.
Why are you yelling at that
Other dog, Ashton?

We had plans to craft:
DIY deodorant.
Instead we drank beer.

Dog likes the dog park.
My kid, however, doesn’t.
Fetch was fun, it seemed.

Frequently I ask
Am I doing these things right?
As if there’s one way.

If I keep asking
‘Should I be in therapy?’
The answer is yes.

Sometimes I hide from
My own kid and everyone.
I need alone time.

Sometimes it’s hard to
Believe we even live here
I love Mt. Rainier.

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