Catch the Moment Week 21

Day 141 | May 21, Thurs – Profile shot of Ashton

Day 142 | May 22, Fri – Trip to Canada!! Aka, the LONGEST DAY OF OUR LIVES. Maybe not really, but the trip took almost three times as long as it should have. Traffic was godawful. It was so bad that we were 100% stopped here at the border for several minutes as we slogged our way through snail-like traffic. So I took the opportunity to snap a photo!

Day 143 | May 23, Sat – Jalapeños sprouted, oh my jeeeezzz!!!

Day 144 | May 24, Sun – Homer’s job was to feed Sarah’s rabbits while she was away. He did great! On one of the days, anyway. 😉 I took care of them the other two days, and the watering of the garden beds, too. It was nice starting the day working outside, and reminded me of my old zoo days!

Day 145 | May 25, Mon – I took Homer to the Reptile Zoo, since we’d never been. It was pretty cool! Homer even got to hold a snake, which was cool! Not this one. I don’t remember what kind this is, but don’t worry, he only handled a safe baby rosy boa, which was pretty adorable!

Day 146 | May 26, Tues – Next morning, coffee date with my little boy at our favorite coffee shop! As is our current ritual, we were sure to play several board games before heading out. So fun!

Day 147 | May 27, Wed – Homer’s 4 yr well-child visit! It went mostly really well. Up until the vaccines. I felt so bad for him!! He cried really hard and was just beside himself with upset, and felt like he didn’t even want to move his arms. In fact, he shouted, “I can’t move my arms!!” as he sobbed, all the way out of the building. (He could move his arms fine, btw, he was just upset.) Poor little guy!! It was cute watching him inspect all the medical equipment and ask tons of questions, too. The doc and nurses all loved him! We really like the team we’ve got over there. They’re good peeps!

And, that was our week! Thanks a lot for visiting!

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