Catch the Moment, Week 19

Day 127 | May 07, Thurs – They Might Be Giants concert at the Neptune Theater!! SOOOOOO exciting!!! My brother and sis in law got me tickets for my birthday. So freaking cool! TMBG is my favorite band! Also cool is that Meander got to go with me!! We had a really awesome time!

Day 128 | May 08, Fri – This is how we wake up. Love my little bear!

Day 129 | May 09, Sat – We decided to attend the local Canine Carnival! Too bad our goofy canine had to stay at home, due to being still way too barky with every dog he sees while on leash. But we got to meet these awesome Reading Rover people, who pair kids and dogs for reading time. So cool!

Day 130 | May 10, Sun – Happy Mother’s Day!! We went to see Age of Ultron together, and had an awesome time!

Day 131 | May 11, Mon – The only pic from today was one Homer shot of me, so I played around with some editing tools on, and had some fun with it. I think it turned out pretty cool!

Day 132 | May 12, Tues – This sign hangs in one of my favorite coffee shops. I love it! And I love Emerson!

Day 133 | May 13, Wed – Birdie outside my window!! The only photo from this set that was shot with my Canon instead of my phone. I am pretty excited with how it came out. And I adore the birds that hang around my balcony. They’re super cute!

And, that was our week! Thanks a lot for visiting!

= = = = = = =
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2 thoughts on “Catch the Moment, Week 19”

  1. Yeah, that concert! Thanks again! Also, your pic that Homer took that you messed with is really cute. You do somber very well.

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