Catch the Moment, Week 11

Is it me or did this week go by really, really fast? It feels so weird that it’s already time for another picture post! This week has been good. My goal to spend less time in front of screens has been helped by our awesome weather, which has been very cool but still sunny. I love those moments when the sun sneaks out from behind the clouds. It’s this Great Sun Reveal that makes my heart swell with joy. Then the grey clouds have been so puffy and changing that they, and the drizzle they bring, have made me smile a lot, too. So, we’ve been playing outside and enjoying the season and just having a pretty great time. And celebrating a couple anniversaries along the way! Here are this week’s pictures…

Day 071 | Mar 12, Thurs – Today was a trip to IKEA with Sarah and Marcus. I got a little teary eyed this day, because on the same day, Homer picked out sheets for himself so he could sleep in his own bed that night, AND he went to the IKEA day care for the first time!! All by himself. I was all sniffly that he was having such a growing-up day!! (Of course the past two nights he’s been back in our bed, but he said he’d go back to his bed tonight.) Anywho, I was glad to snap this cute shot of Marcus, who has those gorgeous eyes, and has been talking up a storm!! He’s so fun. And I like how it looks like his dinosaur shirt is about to eat his bread!

Day 072 | Mar 13, Fri – Friday night I went to Meander’s place with Homer, where we got to learn about Ava Anderson non-toxic skin care and other products, and eat some of Meander’s wonderful, beautiful, delicious cakes!! We had such a fun time!!

Day 073 | Mar 14, Sat – We got to go down to Nonna’s place and have lunch with her, yay! They are just too adorable, I can hardly stand it.

Day 074 | Mar 15, Sun – Hungry, Hungry Hippo

Day 075 | Mar 16, Mon – This is the one year anniversary of our adoption of Ashton!! On that day, Tails could not stop hissing and growling at Ashton. Now, they freaking love each other. It’s so awesome!

I also snapped this adorable shot of Homer playing in Sarah’s backyard!

Day 076 | Mar 17, Tues – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Today is Joe’s and my 13th wedding anniversary!! This is the pic I shared on Facebook from our wedding day.

And since this year Joe’s foot was hurt, he stayed home from work, and I decided not to bug him for a picture. This is the pic I took instead.. I cannot get enough of these blooming magnolias!!!

We ended up just having a really relaxing, nice day hanging out together, which was really sweet and awesome! I feel so lucky to have him!!

Day 077 | Mar 18, Wed – And today we played Badminton outside with Tina, Matthew, and the little boy she babysits. I loved that we were playing outside and the sky looked like this:

And ONE hour later, it looked like this…

It reminds me of one of my favorite movie quotes ~~


And, that was our week! How was your week? Are you enjoying Spring, too? Thanks a lot for visiting!

= = = = = = =
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