Catch the Moment, Week 9

We had an eventful week! There was lots of time spent with friends, two birthday parties, two museums, another play place… Lots of good stuff! On to the photos ~~

Day 057 | Feb 26, Thurs – This was the night Matthew came over for a couple hours in the evening, and about two minutes before he and Tina arrived, my upstairs neighbor came down to give me a box of cookie mix. Just add eggs, butter, and vanilla. Awesome!! It was the perfect kid-entertainment project too! Matthew helped me stir it, though he wanted no part of glopping it onto the baking sheet. Homer did not participate in the cookie preparation as he was eating dinner at the time. Anyway, they turned out all right, I thought! Yay cookies!

Day 058 | Feb 27, Fri – We went to the Pacific Science Center for the first time, and took this cool shot from the parking garage. Always fun to get a shot of the space needle!

Day 059 | Feb 28, Sat – Birthday party fun the next morning for our buddy, W.’s birthday. Those party hats just don’t cooperate sometimes!

Day 060 | Mar 01, Sun – Sunday, I got to be a Balloon Wrangler for Sarah’s grandmother’s 80th birthday party. It was so sweet and fun! This helium tank and I became quite closely acquainted as I filled up over 100 balloons! I’m excited I now have this skill should I ever need it again.

Day 061 | Mar 02, Mon – Today was a day of Legos, sharing snacks, learning not to hit one another – important skills for tiny, growing humans!

Day 062 | Mar 03, Tues – This was the day I did my Day in the Life project. This is my favorite pic of the day. It looks like a school picture or something!

This one is my second favorite of the day. Look at his little face! I love this dog. ❤

Day 063 | Mar 04, Wed – King of the Legos!

And, that was our week! Thanks for visiting!

= = = = = = =
Our awesome hosts of this project: Mindi from Simply Stavish, Carrie from My Life Our Journey, and Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming.

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