A Day in the Life ~ 03.03.2015

This is a Day in the Life photo project showing photos from our whole day. I also did one last year (omg almost exactly a year ago!), as well as one from 2011, when Homer was a baby. I always have a hard time not putting hundreds of pictures in one of these things. I kept it to a mere 43 this time around!

I think this counts as a pretty typical day for us. Homer and I tend to have two types of days during the week. One is the staying-home, and/or cleaning and/or errands type of day. The other is the going out to fun parks, play dates, or some kind of other fun outing. This is probably more in the former category.

One last note; it only occurred to me after all was said and done that I didn’t snap any pics of Joe. He’s a big part of our day, but he is often pantsless while indoors, so doesn’t care to be photographed, and it’s hard to blame him, really! So next time around, my goals are: more Joe pics, and to use my Canon instead of my phone camera.

Enjoy, and thanks for sharing our day with us!


Good morning! This is how we wake up (around 8:30am most days). 🙂 I tried to open my eyes for the pic, but couldn’t because the flash was too bright upon waking up!! The liiiiight, it buuuuurns….

Tails always bombards me with love and affection in the morning. Sometimes he drools on me, he’s so excited to see me! We often let him sleep with us, but I have to kick him out of the room around 4am when he starts climbing all over me and steps on my CPAP machine’s power button! (sigh) He follows me as I go from room to room getting things ready for the day. He’ll even jump into my arms most days. He’s super funny and one of the most social cats I’ve ever known!

First doggie potty walk of the day!
ditl (3)

It’s such a pretty morning!!
ditl (4)

Someone is still asleep…
ditl (5)

Just cleaned the cat box and of course, Tails has to be in it immediately afterward.
ditl (6)

Aw yeah, you know what time it is!
ditl (7)

Fed the pets:
ditl (8)

Gummy vitamin D, and Zoloft to start the day.
ditl (9)

Argh, laundry. I threw in a load and waited until Joe was out of the shower to start it up.
ditl (10)

Making breakfast for Joe and Homer
ditl (11)

Banana; Breakfast of Champions
ditl (12)

“Did someone say banana??” (Yes, I gave him a bite.)
ditl (13)

Not pictured: Actually getting out the door at 9:45am, dropping Joe off at work, and the drive to the pharmacy. When we got there, I unbuckled this sweet boy and snapped a pic of him right before we went inside to pick up Joe’s blood glucose monitoring kit.
ditl (14)

The requisite candy perusal…
ditl (15)

Snack time! Scones and cinnamon loaf
ditl (16)

I decided to browse at Ross, and ended up buying a few things. Homer sang “I love youuu!” to his reflection for a while.
ditl (17)

Back home, and a potty break for Ashton
ditl (18)

Shower time for me
ditl (19)

All my after-shower/getting-ready junk 🙂
ditl (20)

Yay, I am all spiffy and clean! (No idea what’s up with this expression!)
ditl (21)

It’s lunch time
ditl (21)a

Helping with more laundry! Into the dryer, and a new load in the washer
ditl (22)

The darn dog pooped on the floor!!! So I took him out again, where luckily he relieved himself again. He is getting somewhat better about going outside, but still some work to be done, I guess…
ditl (23)

When I got back, Homer wanted me to play Princess Peach and Mario with him.
ditl (24)

We played with the brand new basketball in our basketball court!!
ditl (25)

Then played on the slide
ditl (26)

Came inside for a cartoon and some down time
ditl (27)

Then Homer wanted to play even more basketball!! This time we had Ashton outside with us, too.
ditl (28)

And before we knew it, it was time to get Joe! We also picked up some dinner. And when we got back home, it was time for another potty walk for Ashton
ditl (29)

Full moon!
ditl (30)

More laundry!! Just quickly threw some clothes in the dryer and started one last load in the washer.
ditl (31)

And then finally sat down to dinner. Chicken teriyaki!
ditl (32)

ditl (33)

And now, to tackle this atrocity…
ditl (34)

It took a while, but — woohoo!
ditl (35)

Homer needed privacy in the bathroom before bed…
ditl (36)

This is a good sight to see…
ditl (37)

Time to brush teeth!
ditl (38)

ditl (39)

Gahhh… At least it’s clean. This’ll have to wait until tomorrow.
ditl (40)

A little Big Hero 6 before bed
ditl (41)

And my attempt at a cute snuggly pic in the dark – ha! Oh well.
ditl (42)

Then, though I intended to get up again, I fell asleep at 10pm, which is early for my crazy night owl self. I conked out reading the new novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, The Buried Giant, which is already wonderfully captivating! A peaceful end to a pretty cool day.


= = = = = = =
This has been a prompt from the Catch the Moment group. I’m happy to be part of it, and see glimpses into other peoples’ days too. Have you ever done a DITL photo project? Comment with the link, I’d love to see it! Thanks for coming by!

Catch the Moment

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