A Story by Seven Year Old Me


The following is a story I wrote in second grade. I earned a ribbon for second place, too, I think, in the school wide creativity contest for the Literary category. I decided to re-type it for your reading pleasure. I’m including all errors and adding a few notes at the end, indicated in bold. For ease of reading, I am adding in line breaks, but it’s worth noting that there is only a single (completely random and seemingly accidental) line break in the original. (Which I’ve included, just for the hell of it!)

The contest rules were it had to be written completely by the student, and I took that responsibility very seriously. Not only did I create the story, I typed the entire thing myself. It took me two days (I think four hours total). It’s about a page and a quarter long, single spaced! I was inspired by real life events. I had gone to a pet shop with my mom and loved looking at the puppies. I wanted one, but Mom said no, and as we left, these two girls were looking at the puppies, and Mom said, “Who knows, maybe those girls will give them a good home!” And thus, this story was born…


Once upon a time, there was a puppy and it was in a bad home: he was in a pet store. The reason why it was a bad home is because there were other dogs. One dog was o.k., but the other dog was real rough. The rough dog pushed, shoved, and bit. The smallest dog was black and white. He was the one who was getting pushed, shoved, and bit the most. Until one day, two girls walked through the doorway.One girl said, “Look over there, dogs!” These girls were both about twelve years old. The girls ran straight to the puppies. While the girls were with just two dogs, one girl noticed the little puppy in the corner.

That girl said, “Look over there in the corner.” Now both of the girls were looking at the puppy. They started calling the puppy. “Puppy, puppy! As soon as the puppy heard the calling he perked his ears up. Then he ran straight to the girls. Then they started petting him, and playing with the puppy.The girl’s names are Amy and Mellisa.

Amy said, “Why don’t we buy it?” So they did. When they got home, they fed it. Then played with it. Then it went inside to take a nap.When it woke up they took it for a walk. When they got back, they fed it again. Then it went to sleep again. The girls were tired too.So they went to bed.

When the girls woke up their mom and dad were home. “Mom, Dad!”The girls called. “Is that you?”
“Yes it’s us.” They called.
“Did you see the puppy? The girls said.
Their parents said, “Were”? [“Where?”]
The girls pointed and said, “Over there.”
Their parents looked. “Oh, how cute.” said their mom.
“Yes where did you get it?” said their father.
“At the pet store, isn’t he cute?” said the girls.
“Yes,” said their father, “What is its name?”
“Gee we didn’t think about that,” said the girls.
“All dogs have to have names.” said their mom.
“We know,” said Mellisa, “We know.”
So they thought, and thought. I know! screamed Amy. “Twinkle!” So that was his name.

They went to play with the puppy, but he was sleeping. “Cute little thing.” the girls said. And then everybody sat down in the living room and talking about the puppy, and making plans for the puppy.

It was night and everybody was asleep that is except for the puppy.After a few minutes the puppy got bored so he started barking and howling. Amy woke up and
tip-toed real fast down the stairs. She tip-toed even faster when she got downstairs. She went to Twinkle and spanked(1) him gently. “Be quiet! Don’t you know everybody is sleeping?!” Amy said to the puppy. “I guess not but be quiet,” Amy said. The minute Amy put her foot on the step, Twinkle started howling. (2) She quickly took her foot off and tip-toed back. “Wait here.” He stuck his big wet tongue out and wiped it all across Amy’s face. I guess that’s what he wanted. (3)

She tiptoed fast upstairs and quickly came back down. She had a blanket and a pillow. She made a bed on the couch. Twinkles didn’t howl or bark. The next day Amy woke up and looked in Twinkles bed. “OH NO!” Amy screamed. Mellisa ran downstairs and said, “What’s the matter?” “Twinkle’s is lost.” Amy said. “Oh my gosh your kidding what are we going to do?!” Mellisa screamed. “Calm down Mellisa.” Amy said grabbing ahold of Mellisa’s shoulders. “We’ll just go find him “Amy said. Right after lunch they both jumped up out their seats. They told their mom that they were going to find the puppy.They ran to the door, quickly opened the door and went out. They ran to the bottom of the driveway. Mellisa said,” You go down Clark Road, I’ll go down Smith Road, hopefully one of us should have Twinkle.” So that was the direction they went in. A few minutes later they met. Neither one of them had the puppy. It was hard to go home with no puppy.

After dinner(4) they talked a little about the puppy. Then they turned on the television. They saw acrobats in the circus on television. The next day they wanted to see the circus. While they were watching dogs do tricks, Amy noticed something. “Melissa,” Amy said. “Look!” they saw Twinkle. They got up and went to the manger. They said, “Sir, that dog that’ black and white, he’s our dog.” “really, I thought he was a stray.” “Tell ya what. Bring him at 2:00 every day and he has a job at the circus. Pick him up at 6 o’clock.” So that was the way they did it. And they got free dog food. 5 cans a week. THE END.

[Author’s notes]

(1) Wtf, second grade me??! The sad part is that growing up in Texas, knowing about spanking was normal, even though my parents only rarely ever spanked any of us. But spanking the dogs was normal and even seen as necessary, and if done “gently” then it wasn’t a bad thing…? I don’t know, it makes me feel ill just thinking about it, honestly.

Then I think about that Maya Angelou quote: “When you know better, you do better.” Still, it’s hard remembering that aspect of childhood, knowing how we all bought into that mentality that many people still hold – the only way dogs or kids learn is through being hit. What the hell. Not okay. Never was, isn’t now, never will be. And I’m so happy I do know better now so that I can do better with my kid and my dog as well. Gentle parenting FTW. ❤ (Onto more light-hearted observations now…)

(2) Much of my dog behavior knowledge stemmed from my many viewings of Lady and the Tramp. (Possibly including the “gentle” dog-spank, come to think of it!)

(3) That is Amy’s thought, not the narrator’s.

(4) It cracks me up how many meals took place in this very short story!

= = =

Also, it really, really cracks me up that these two twelve year old girls are running around the city, basically living as adults, because as we all know, twelve is completely grown up. It makes me laugh, because every little kid sees big kids as Grown Up, you know? Homer did that just the other day, saying “when I’m all grown up…” And I asked when that would be. “When I’m five,” he responded. Of course!

And I love that it just ended like that. Omg.

I still enjoy fiction surrounding circus themes, btw. If you’re looking for a great read, I recommend both:
Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
Wonder When You’ll Miss Me by Amanda Davis

= = =

Do any of you still have stories you wrote when you were young? If so, I’d love to hear about them, or better yet, read them!!

Thanks for reading!

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