Catch the Moment, Week 8

Day 050 | Feb 19, Thurs – Today was a painting day! I’m pretty happy with how this came out for Homer. And he likes it, which is what counts! “For me?? Wow, a gift!” He’s so funny.

Day 051 | Feb 20, Fri – Angelic coffee, sent from heaven, how I love theee… Seriously, SO happy to have a coffee maker!! (Thanks, Sarah!!)

Day 052 | Feb 21, Sat – Okay, so I warned you about the gnarly gross strawberry, and here it is! I’m glad to report this was the last day of the experiment and then it went in the garbage!

In total contrast, here are some pictures of pretty Spring time, springing away!


Day 053 | Feb 22, Sun – I meant to shoot these for Valentine’s Day, but oh well, why not take ’em and post ’em late? It’s still February, damn it! That still counts as Valentine’s Da…month? Right?? Anyway, these turned out cute.. (Btw, fun photography fact; it took 115 shots to get these two good ones!)


Day 054 | Feb 23, Mon – Blowing bubbles in the park!

Day 055 | Feb 24, Tues – Coconut balls! My friend posted hers on Instagram and told me how to make them. I was nervous to try without a recipe, but just went for it and they turned out awesome. It was just throwing some dates, dried cranberries, coconut, and any nuts you want in there, into the blender for a bit, then making them into balls. My friend also does toasted sesame seeds, which I forgot. I didn’t have any nuts, so used sunflower seeds. I just squished them into balls, then stuck them in the fridge and they were freaking awesome! Can’t wait to make more!!

Day 056 | Feb 25, Wed – I made a little pine cone person while Homer and I played outside today!

And, that was our week! How was yours?? Thanks a lot for visiting!

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