Around Here…

Outside my window…
Not only has it been sunny and lovely outside, if we’re talking about literally outside my window, there is a birds’ nest on my balcony!!! I just realized it, too. We don’t really use the balcony at all, so it was easy to miss. Then about two days ago, I noticed it. It’s all the way at the top of the left hand side, subtly hidden away in a cozy spot between the planks of wood that make up the roof of my balcony and the underside of our neighbor, Silviya’s balcony. The best part is that we ran into Silviya yesterday and I asked if her hummingbirds have still been around, and she said yes, they’ve been coming to her feeders all Winter! I told her I thought they might be nesting on my balcony, and she was SO excited! “I’ve seen them coming from below, but didn’t know where!” she said. She immediately called her husband to share the good news with him, and he was even excited. “Well, I’ll be danged,” he is reported to have told her on the phone. So funny!

It’s Spring around here, guys! It’s so awesome. There are these pink flowered bushes that bloom each Spring, and I saw fuzzy green closed up blossoms about a week ago, sprouting from the branches. And then a few days ago, I saw bits of the pink flowers peeking out! SO exciting!!


On the kid front…
Homer has been really interested in science experiments, which has been great! We did one from a kit my mom bought him for his birthday, and it was mixing … something… citric acid and.. Baking soda? With water. And it bubbled up like crazy! Very fun. It made me want to do the vinegar/baking soda volcano with him sometime soon! The experiment, which I obviously don’t remember very well and am too lazy to look up at the moment, was called “Dancing bubbles,” yet Homer kept saying, “They’re battling!!” which was kind of funny.

Also, I cleaned his room! It had looked like a tornado hit a hoarder’s house in there. But luckily, it is pretty organized and usable now, and he’s been playing in there much more.

He also wants to play board games all the time, especially Monopoly, Jr. He likes to add “Homer Rules” though, which he sometimes calls “opposite rules.” And they’re not at all opposites, they’re just extra things he wants to do. monsterrulesHe added “monster rules” to Monopoly Jr, and it’s basically like Dungeons and Dragons. I introduced him to rolling a die to see what the outcome will be. We made it so that if you roll a 4 or higher, you beat the monster and can get extra money, but if you lose the battle/roll, then you have to pay the other player whatever you rolled. So if you roll a 2, you pay 2 dollars to your opponent. As if that’s not complicated enough, he keeps trying to change that, too! I’m kind of relieved when he sometimes wants to play “just regular rules.”

Also, random silliness: Homer thinks he’s sneaking when he goes to do certain things, like finding chocolate, or looking through Joe’s desk drawers. If we look at him doing his very obvious behaviors, he’ll say, “Oh how did you know??” or “Aw you caught me!” He’s so silly!

The Menagerie…
I’m afraid to even type these words, for fear it may all come crashing down like a precarious Jenga tower!! … Today, Ashton has gone 11 days without an accident. I think that’s a record for him! He is doing so great!! He is understanding the bell on the door, kind of. At least I don’t have to ask him to ring it anymore to go outside. He’ll just ring it, but only if I’m standing right next to him at the door. The day he rings it on his own, without me next to him, as an attempt to get outside to potty, will be the day I dance for joy!! dance-of-joy1

Ashton and Tails are super funny. In the evening, once Homer is in bed for the night, I come back out to watch tv and hang out with Joe. Almost immediately, the two of them are on top of me, cuddled up together in my lap. It’s really so cute!

In the mornings, Tails always really, really wants my attention and will leap into my arms if I stand still long enough. He always runs up to me while I am trying to get Ashton’s harness on, and Ash runs from me, which helps Not At All. Finally, Ash comes over for belly rubs and Tails is in front of me, walking all over Ashton’s harness which I have lying on the floor so I can put Ashton’s feet in it. Chaos, these animals. Sheesh! 😉

In the creative corner… Well, I’m writing a blog entry! Does that count? ;P Okay, so I said my goal was to finish Homer’s baby book by his 4th birthday, and that… did not happen. But! My new goal is to finish it before Spring Equinox. I can do this!! Also, to make a scrapbook page. I’d like to work on my novel, but I feel like that would require reading my novel, and I’m not in the mood right now. What I have been in the mood for is music. So I’m just rolling with it. Little bits of songs pop into my head and I just write them down, or find some way to record them. I’d like to sit down with a keyboard or something (which I don’t have), and figure out the music, get it all written out. An exciting project for sure, since I haven’t done any musical writing in years, but I miss it from the old days of jazz band when I’d craft and compose solos or elements of solos to improvise off of. Anyway, I am excited at this new little thing that’s happening, scribbling lyrics here and there. It’s really pretty cool!

Oh and I painted! And I want to paint some rocks too. Hopefully this week!

In the kitchen… I made something!! A friend of mine said she makes little snack balls by putting dates, cranberries, coconut, whatever nuts are on hand, and toasted sesame seeds in the blender or food processor, then forms them into balls and refrigerates them. Instead of thinking, but I neeeeeed a solid recipe, I decided not to freak out and to just go for it. And holy crow, they turned out amazing! Amaze-balls, if you will. 😛 (Get it? Get it?? Because they’re little balls and… okay, you get it.)

From the Arcade… We’ve been playing a new game on the Wii U, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse!! It’s been super fun! We haven’t even had it very long and we’re almost all the way through world 5. I’m pretty sure there are 7 worlds. Maybe 8? Anyway, it’s a bit maddening and very fun. Same goes for Rayman Legends, which we’ve also been playing from time to time.

On the fitness/health track… Today I played basketball with my kid! It was so cool!! I actually used to play as a kid, and it’s been forever, but it was really fun, feeling those old muscle-memory moves, how to block, shoot, dribble, etc. The ball was super flat, but that didn’t stop us. It just turned it into some kind of mashup of basketball, soccer, and kickball. And lots of laughing and chasing too! So, so fun. Would you ever have guessed that once upon a time (in 4th grade), I went to basketball camp for a week? True story! I was never really much good at any sport, but I did love playing basketball and soccer with friends in the park. I am so sore, as I’m immensely out of shape, but hey, doing stuff like that is a great way to change that! I hope to do that much more often, and hopefully get back to morning walking as well.

I am reading…
I’m so close to finishing Summer Knight by Jim Butcher! It’s definitely exciting and interesting. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m following the plot all that well and may even re-read it. But that may be from reading it only right before bed when I’m super incredibly tired! 😉

I am also reading Hands Free Mama, which is thought provoking and inspirational! And I checked out Parenting From The Inside Out from the library. These last two books are both part of book clubs that I’m in, and I’m happy to be exploring them both and gleaning really cool and powerful lessons from it all. More on this as I progress through them, I’m sure!

I am watching…
The Blacklist, Grey’s Anatomy, American Idol, QI, and just finished up the second season of Broadchurch last night. It was really good! Oh and how could I forget Better Call Saul ? I’m really enjoying that one as well!

I am hearing… the sound of the shows Homer is enjoying on the iPad, and the white noise of the heater. The animals are cuddled up in front of it which is really cute. It’s not even that cold outside, it’s in the 40s, but the windows aren’t sealed all that well, and it gets SO chilly in here!

I am thinking… about how much I like kale. My lunch today and yesterday was this awesome kale salad from the grocery store. I’m also thinking about how much I want to be more organized. I feel like I’m nesting for Spring! There’s this whole “awakening” Spring energy going on all around me, and am trying to ride that wave and see what comes of it.

I am thankful…
for my sweet, sweet boy. He just fell asleep next to me on the couch. I knew he must be feeling sleepy, because he asked to nurse, but I didn’t think he was that close to actually conking out! I love the feel of his little hand on me, the curve of his ear, his little round cheeks, and gorgeous long lashes. I lovelovelovelovelove this kid.

I am also thankful for my sweet funny husband, as well as my awesome friends, both far and near. And coffee, lazy days, and *sunshine* (huzzah!!).

I am going…
to let my sweet kiddo lie down for a bit, and go do some dishes… I really hope you’re all having a lovely day!! ❤


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