Catch the Moment, Week 7

Day 043 | Feb 12, Thurs – At the park! We’d been inside in the community center play place across the street, where he had fun, but soon wanted to just be outdoors where it was a little lot less hectic. It was cloudy and cool and we had a lot of fun!

Day 044 | Feb 13, Fri – The beginning of the Great Strawberry Experiment. Ever since Homer saw an episode of Sid the Science Kid about food decay, he’s been a little preoccupied with it all. The time lapsed footage threw him for a loop and he believed any food could decay in 10 seconds. “I gotta put this in the refwigerator, or it’ll decay!”

“Homer, can you please put your socks in the hamper, instead of the floor?”
“But my toast will decay!!”

So, now we have a slowly rotting strawberry on the kitchen counter to show him how long a process decay really is. And in a week, I’ll have a photo of a fuzzy strawberry up in here. Brace yourselves! 😉

Day 045 | Feb 14, Sat – My Funny Valentine

Joe is also my sweetheart Valentine, but we didn’t take any pics together, because we don’t really do that kind of thing for Valentine’s Day! (I can usually convince him on our anniversary and/or Christmas, though!)

Day 046 | Feb 15, Sun – Dog paaaark!! Ashton hadn’t been there in a while. He started off pretty shy, but in no time, was wandering far from me, play-bowing and enjoying friendly rounds of chase with the other doggies. It really made my day to see not only him enjoying himself, but Homer making friends, too, with another little boy who was there. So awesome!

Later that day, we went walking around and ended up playing by these large boulders for about an hour and a half, pretending leaves were little birds, and chunks of moss were islands to vacation on, and of course there were battles too. Here’s a closeup of our mossy world we played in…

Day 047 | Feb 16, Mon – Iced coffee in the morning! Hell yes. Cold brewed in the French press. I am so happy to be making coffee that I enjoy! I’ll have to write about my coffee adventures in another entry sometime.

Day 048 | Feb 17, Tues – Happy Mardi Gras!!!

Day 049 | Feb 18, Wed – We got these awesome Teen Titans Go! paper dolls in the Kids’ Meal from Wendy’s. They were fun to assemble, and Homer played with them for a really long time!

And, that was our week! Thanks a lot for visiting!

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2 thoughts on “Catch the Moment, Week 7”

  1. It’s funny how kids will play for hours with a paper toy but their expensive store bought toys sit around and collect dust. I love the imaginative world you all created!

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