Catch the Moment, Week 5

Day 029 | Jan 29, Thurs – While taking Ashton out for a walk, I thought I’d try to take a portrait photo of him.

Day 030 | Jan 30, Fri – We saw our friends today, Kari and her 5 kids, including the triplets! They have these awesome huge building blocks, and much fun was had turning them into various things.

Day 031 | Jan 31, Sat – Portrait of a Shy Guy. Today I was just experimenting with manual mode on my Canon. I watched a couple youtube tutorials too, trying to get a grasp on the whole ISO, f-stop, shutter speed triad of camera.. usage.. ness. (Perhaps I should not be writing these blurbs so late at night…) And here is the (super grainy) portrait I got. I have a lot to work on, but it’s good at least starting to grasp the way it all works.

Day 032 | Feb 01, Sun – Superbowl Sunday!!! We were very excited to cheer on our Seahawks!!


Sadly, they did not win! (upside: delicious cake!) Ah, well. We still love the Seahawks and are so glad they made it to the Super Bowl, and had such a good season. Here’s to another good season next go ’round, too!

Day 033 | Feb 02, Mon – FroYo with my Boy-o!

My kid is a flower! An extremely goofy flower, haha!

Day 034 | Feb 03, Tues – Look! Loooookkkk!! I sewed something!!! My friend, Meander, showed me how when they gave me an awesome sewing lesson this week. Now I just need to practice more!! Confidence in sewing has gone from nonexistant to… something. Which is something! I’m pretty excited!

Day 035 | Feb 04, Wed – Day with Sarah and Marcus, who is growing and growing, I can hardly believe it!


And, that was our week! Thanks a lot for visiting!

= = = = = = =
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3 thoughts on “Catch the Moment, Week 5”

  1. Those building blocks are cussing BOSS! I want some!!

    Great job on sewing, Meghan. If it helps you feel happy, I can tell you that you picked up amazingly well (way better than some people I’ve taught) and coming from a ‘don’t even know how to load the thread’ to where you got in 4 hours is pretty incredible. If you feel like trying another project, there’s this really cool thing we could make for Homer and Flora… : )

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