Catch the Moment, Week 3

Day 015 | Jan 15, Thurs – Today Homer and I visited a preschool together! It was so fun and cute. It really reminded me of our old school we loved in California, too. I’m glad Homer had a great time there, I think he could really enjoy going there in the Fall.

Day 016 | Jan 16, Fri – Joe had a doctor appointment midday, so we all went together. Here’s Homer and Daddy enjoying a Highlights magazine together in the waiting room. This didn’t last long. Homer and I went outside and ran around shortly after this, because running around in circles in the waiting room is not really all that socially acceptable…

Day 017 | Jan 17, Sat – Painting day with friends!! Here’s a look at our creations of the evening. This didn’t even include everyone’s! But it’s a good sampling. 🙂 Mine are the orangey splattery looking one at the top, and the cloud/Washington one at the bottom.

And here are our gorgeous palettes…

Day 018 | Jan 18, Sun – Seahawks are going to the SUPERBOWL!!!!!!! That was easily the most exciting football game I have ever watched!! Especially since it seemed so doomed at the beginning. Admittedly, I’m not a super-duper sports fan extraordinaire. But, I gotta say, it is pretty fun getting into the spirit of being a fan now that we live here in the Seattle area. I find Blue Friday really cool, because it’s just fun watching everyone come together in camaraderie to wear their jerseys and Hawks shirts and root for the home team. I like counting myself among the group of folks whose hands were sweaty as we sat on the edge of our seats wondering what would happen! And then the unbelievable happened and they WON, and the city (and Facebook) went crazy. So amazing! After that nailbiting finish to the game, the Seahawks are headed to the Superbowl again, and I’m really excited to see how that turns out too. Wishing them well! Go Hawks!!!

Day 019 | Jan 19, Mon – I took my boy to the movies!!! Joe and I have taken him to the movies just once before. His first ever movie was How to Train Your Dragons 2. He liked that one, and did great at the theater, though he did fall asleep for the last 30 or so minutes of that film. I had a feeling we might have to leave partway through this week’s movie pick, but he surprised me by hanging in there the whole time! He watched all of it, and enjoyed it all too!! And what’s more – I really enjoyed it! I laughed, I cried… Oh Paddington, you charmer, you. 😉 I’m so happy we went, and I hope we can go to more movies soon!

Homer’s favorite part of the movie-going experience is probably the popcorn!

After the movie, a pic in front of the fountain…

Day 020 | Jan 20, Tues – We went to the zoo with friends! I love this gorgeous jaguar…

Day 021 | Jan 21, Wed – We took Daddy to the doctor today and had a cookie in the lobby. I figured this goes along perfectly with our theme of the week for Catch the Moment. The theme is “Eat.” 😀

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2 thoughts on “Catch the Moment, Week 3”

  1. I’m glad you took a picture of the paints on the plate. I frequently take a picture of mine. Seeing the colors together like that is about as nice as seeing the finished item, in my opinion!

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