Catch the Moment, Week 2

Day 008 | Jan 8, Thurs – I saw my friend, Larissa, and her sweet new baby girl! Look at this wee little two week old face!! So fun holding her! It was really awesome catching up with Larissa, and seeing her little boy, too – big brother was pretty cute and doled out some kisses for baby sis. Homer even kissed the baby too! So heart melting, omg…

Day 009 | Jan 9, Fri – Hey, guess who’s wearing glasses now?? This was my first day with them, and I already feel like I’m getting pretty used to them, a week later.

Day 010 | Jan 10, Sat – Okay, confession time, I did not take a picture this day, at all. This photo was taken by someone else, though, a fellow Buy Nothing Project member, of the event we were at! A big ol’ declutter event. This was awesome, yet it got a bit crazy with a bazillion and a half donations. To give an idea of how much was brought, the event itself was about two and a half hours long. And a lot of people took a lot of stuff! Then it took about… four hours and ten car loads to clean up. 0_o I’m glad I stayed to help for the duration of all that (save a quick break to bring my guys lunch at home), but omg. Nuts! (Loading that many boxes and pushing the carts back and forth, loading up cars, was totally my exercise for the day!)

Day 011 | Jan 11, Sun – Awwww, my cutie dog. He’s so funny!

Day 012 | Jan 12, Mon – This week started out unexpectedly. I awoke feeling BAD. Just… terrible. It quickly became evident I’d contracted some sort of heinous stomach flu. Joe, my amazingly wonderful husband, decided to work from home, then just… took care of everything. And I stayed in my own little world, sprinting from the bed to the bathroom, crawling back to bed, back and forth, ad nauseum. Nauseum, ha! Get it? See what I … ah, forget it. Anyway, I was in bed all day, and these two snuggle bugs didn’t leave my side. Poor sweet Ashton didn’t even eat. He just went out for potty breaks when Joe convinced him to, but then returned to his spot in bed with me the second they got back. So damn cute. I love my animals. And god I hate being sick.

Day 013 | Jan 13, Tues – Felt a bit better, but too weak and exhausted to do much. Here’s a pic I took of Homer learning to write his name! So cute! He did the H-O-M by himself. Then I put the dotted lines on his dry erase board for him to connect for the E and the R. He’s getting a lot better about recognizing E’s and R’s in general, and is on his way to writing them independently. My first thought about the way he wrote this was, awww my little leftie! We left-handed folks think in reverse sometimes! Edited to add: Just to clarify, my saying, “aww my little leftie” = “aww, I LOVE my little left handed kid, and LOVE that he is a leftie like both his parents, and we’re a total leftie family, and I love the he thinks/writes backwards and differently right now, and he is so cute and I couldn’t be prouder of my sweet *big kid* if I tried!!” It melts my heart to see him learning things, learning letters and their sounds, recognizing words… He knows the word “Zoo” now when he sees it at the zoo! Anyway, yes, I’m a heart-melted puddle of gooey motherly pride whenever he does things like draw, write, or asks amazing questions. He’s incredible and fills my heart with so much joy I can barely stand it. ❤

Day 014 | Jan 14, Wed – And Wednesday was Joe’s birthday!!! Homer was very excited to get some cake for Daddy. We got carrot cake cupcakes, and Homer picked out the candles! We had fun singing to Daddy and then Homer really wanted to help Joe blow out the candles. So freaking cute! I love my hubby and little boy, and feel so lucky to have our sweet little family!! Happy Birthday, Joe!!

And, that was our week! Thanks for stopping by!

= = = = = = =

Our awesome hosts of this project are: Mindi from Simply Stavish, Carrie from My Life Our Journey, and Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming.

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9 thoughts on “Catch the Moment, Week 2”

    1. Thank you!! I love it, too, it’s so exciting and sweet and heartwarming, I completely love it! I also love that he’s doing so awesome with connecting the dots and that he likes that method of learning letters. Yay!

  1. Hey Meg,
    My daughter Alex is not a leftie at all, but for several years – starting at about Homer’s age – she wrote her name backwards. I still have her artwork that has those backward signatures. Not to worry. He will turn it forwards soon enough. Personally, when I saw the picture you posted it made me feel all warm and fuzzy and took me back to the sweet time when my girls were small. I say GOOD FOR YOU, HOMER! This is pretty awesome for a guy his age! He’s growing so fast.

    Glad you’re feeling better. Stomach flu is the pits. And Happy Birthday Joe!

    Love you,

    1. Yes, I think it’s really common to write backwards. And that wasn’t “aww my little leftie!” in a pitying way, or anything. That totally was “awww my little leftie!” as in, “YAAAAYYY my kid is a leftie, as I am, and as Joe is, and it’s awesome that we’re a family of lefties, and his writing backwards is so cute, omg, look at him WRITING LETTERS HE IS A GENIUS!!!” hahaha!! It thrills me to no end and makes me melt in the cuteness, I cannot even stand it, he’s so freaking adorable, saying letters, recognizing them, and now writing them. He’s such a big kid!!!! 😀 😀 😀

      In case there was any doubt, I *am* absolutely one of those parents that even when my kid does something kind of ordinary, I’m like, “OH MY GOD HE’S THE SMARTEST KID EVERRRR!!” lol!

  2. The buy nothing project sounds so cool. Wish we had one around here. Happy birthday to Joe! Love those photos! Isn’t celebrating birthdays with kids fun?

    1. It really is! Our own birthdays are so much more fun because Homer gets excited about them! Love it. 🙂 And yes, the Buy Nothing group is pretty cool. It seems to keep expanding so who knows if it’ll get over in your area before long. 🙂

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