Catch the Moment, Week 1

Hey everyone! Here we go again, another project 365 for 2015! This time, I’m going to title this year’s posts “Catch the Moment,” since that is, in fact, the name of the group I’m linking up with each week. I’ll still be posting Fridays, too. Uh, well usually. Today is Saturday, so… I’m a wee bit behind. But want to hear something cool? My blog just wished me a happy anniversary! Happy anniversary to you, too, blog. πŸ˜›

Without further ado…

Day 001 | Jan 1, Thurs – On New Year’s Day, I met up with Tina at 5:30am so we could go to the beach!! We got Starbucks and exchanged “Happy New Year!” exclamations with the lovely baristas. Then we went to the beach and saw frost all over the sand. It was 28 degrees outside!! We built a fire, and watched the sunrise, and talked and laughed and gazed in awe at the gorgeous scenery… and it was the coolest start to the new year I’ve had in years!! We had invited over 100 people to join us, and it was just Tina and me! At one point she gave me a giant bear hug and said, “Thanks for being crazy with me!” That is the sign of a good friendship right there!


Day 002 | Jan 2, Fri – On Thursday, Shelby texted me to ask if I was free the next day because she was in Seattle!!! SO EXCITING!!! (She is usually in San Diego, as that’s where she lives.) We decided to take silly pictures and send them to Kaila, because it was our dear Kaila’s birthday! Super fun and amazing to see my Shelby. Homer thought so, too. He even told her he loves her! He told Kaila that too the next time he saw her on Skype. My sweet boy. ❀

Day 003 | Jan 3, Sat – Time to drive the Mario Kart around!

Day 004 | Jan 4, Sun – The only pic I took today was of sweet Dumbo. I like his colors and the way he looked on the bed. Okay, fine, AND I was snapping pics of things I planned to part with at the upcoming Buy Nothing Project event. Someone else is snuggling Dumbo now! ❀

Day 005 | Jan 5, Mon – Monday, Monday… Joe was back to work, and I figured it was time for some serious housekeeping. I didn’t get a lot farther than this…
But hey, that’s something, right?

Day 006 | Jan 6, Tues – How cute is my child?? We were driving around and I happened to sing quietly to myself, “We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo, how about you you you?” and then he said, “We are??” And I said, “No. I mean.. I don’t know, do you want to?” He said yes, so off we went. Why not, right?? We had a wonderful time, especially with this magnifying glass!

Day 007 | Jan 7, Wed – And then the fog rolled in, and it stayed foggy for days! Kind of eerie, kind of fun, kind of terrifying to drive in…

And, that was our week! Thanks for visiting!

= = = = = = =
Our awesome hosts of this project: Mindi from Simply Stavish, Carrie from My Life Our Journey, and Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming.

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