Project 365 – Week 44

When I’m feeling particularly indecisive, like this week, I post extra pictures!! It’s too hard to choose just one per day!!

Anyway, this week was pretty good! Here are our photos…

Day 304 | Oct 31, Fri – Happy Halloween!! Homer was Kamek, and I was Fire Mommy! The pics are from the mall, where we attended Mall-o-Ween, which was super crowded and way too crazy to ever do again!! There were plans for going to Garth and Cinnamon’s too, but we couldn’t make it because Homer was just way too beat and cranky by the time we were going to go. So that was sadly the end of our night! Hopefully we can have even more Halloween festivities next year. I’m always sad to see Halloween end!!




Day 305 | Nov 1, Sat – In full NaNoWriMo swing! I’m behind and more confused and unsure of myself than past NaNo’s, but it’s still incredibly fun. This magnet keeps me smiling!

Day 306 | Nov 2, Sun – My writing partner.. 😀

Day 307 | Nov 3, Mon – Voted!

Day 308 | Nov 4, Tues – I made this! Sadly it only lasted a day before all the leaves were falling apart.

Look how pretty a day it is!!

I couldn’t resist including the silly pics of Daddy and Homer with matching glasses! (Daddy’s are real, Homer’s are from Halloween!)

And these two, omg.. This is the first time they’ve ever fallen asleep together like this!

Day 309 | Nov 5, Wed – This is not a cup. I don’t know what it is, though. 😉 Duckie and coffee together can only mean one thing – more NaNoWriMo!!

Day 310 | Nov 6, Thurs – At the coffee shop, I was making Homer laugh by making this toy steal and drink my coffee… A woman near us said he has the best laugh! I’d have to agree 😉

Look, he’s like a little Totoro!! 😀


And this was just too cute…

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

Join us in taking a photo a day for the entire year! Visit the gracious hosts of this project if you like: Mindi from Simply Stavish, Sarah from Nurse Loves Farmer, and Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming.

Start any time, and link up every Friday:

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