Project 365 – Week 43

Happy Halloween!!! I put up a few decorations, hardly anything at all, and it amazed me how much more seasonal and Halloween-y our place felt to me. I’d been saying “it doesn’t even feel like Halloween!”, but all of a sudden, the decorations and costume prep really made the holiday come alive for me. I’m so excited!! I really love this holiday. I’m also incredibly excited that one of my friend’s daughters, one of the sweetest kids ever, who’s had to work extra hard because of her epilepsy, is now saying “trick or treat!” Some doctors thought she’d never speak, and now she’s saying “trick or treat!” in time for Halloween?! That is just the coolest. This week has been awesome. Here are some photos to show what we’ve been up to!

Day 297 | Oct 24, Fri – Our friend, Sue, hosted a Halloween play date at her house. Kids in costume, and cute, spooky snacks – what more could you ask for? Sue made this with crumbled wafer cookies over brownies, with milano cookies… yummiest graveyard around!

Day 298 | Oct 25, Sat – I just really liked the way this leaf photo came out!

Day 299 | Oct 26, Sun – This was the morning…

And this was the afternoon…

Day 300 | Oct 27, Mon – My cute boy playing around in the craft store!

Day 301 | Oct 28, Tues –
Decorations at our house (Homer picked these out!)…

Decorations at Sarah’s house…

Decorations at Garth and Cinnamon’s house…

Day 302 | Oct 29, Wed – Hey! Look who’s (not really) helping me cut out a sewing pattern! That’s as far as I got, though. Cutting out the pattern. Sewing is overwhelming!!!! I’m going to need some help if I plan to ever learn to do it properly! (Probably starting out at a larger, cleared-off table would help, huh? Instead of on Joe’s desk!)

Day 303 | Oct 30, Thurs – Okay, so this first pic is from earlier in the week, but I just had to include it with this week’s stories, because poor Homer really wrestled with this darn Jib-Jab thing! First, he was really excited to see it, then we saw it costs money, so we said we weren’t going to do it. He talked about it for a FULL DAY, really, really wanting it, and I thought, okay, maybe we should do it. I asked if he wanted to see the full song, and I found someone’s on YouTube (not ours). And then he started crying, saying it was scary!! Poor guy. He has finally stopped talking about it, but it really was a big topic of conversation for about a week!

And last but not least, sweet, snuggly Ashton, making these cool Fall days all the more cozy!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

Join us in taking a photo a day for the entire year! Visit the gracious hosts of this project if you like: Mindi from Simply Stavish, Sarah from Nurse Loves Farmer, and Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming.

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