Project 365 – Week 41

Day 283 | Oct 10, Fri – Homer and I visited Fox Hollow Farms for the first time and had an awesome day!! I was excited to get some Fall season pics with him. It just doesn’t feel like Fall unless I get pics of my kid sitting on some pumpkins!!

Day 284 | Oct 11, Sat – Saturday we went to the birthday party for our little friend and neighbor! She is now 1 year old! We had a really fun time. 🙂

Day 285 | Oct 12, Sun – Love these two guys!! Just lying around, watching some tv.

Day 286 | Oct 13, Mon – Sweet Ashton! I thought I’d try out some Fall portrait style pics on my little Ash too!

Day 287 | Oct 14, Tues – Tuesday night was fun – I got to go to a Spa event, where a whole bunch of vendors were showing off their goods and services. I didn’t get to all of the tables/demos, but I did get to the hair, makeup, and photo section! I’ll get the actual headshot type photos from the photographer sooner or later, but for now, this is the photo I took at home after the event…

Day 288 | Oct 15, Wed – I love his little face as he lies on me in the evenings… This is one snuggly dog! I love that about him!

Day 289 | Oct 16, Thurs – Aquarium Day!! We headed out to the aquarium today, and it was so much fun! Otters are freaking adorable…


And so is my sweet boy!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

Join us in taking a photo a day for the entire year! Visit the gracious hosts of this project if you like: Mindi from Simply Stavish, Sarah from Nurse Loves Farmer, and Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming.

Start any time, and link up every Friday:

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