Project 365 – Week 38

Day 262 | Sept 19, Fri – In my Buy Nothing group, my awesome multi-talented neighbor, Eliza, offered to do illustrations of families. A ton of people, including myself, asked to be considered, and I was one of many names she chose. She left this for me on my door on Friday. I was so excited!! I love it! Here’s our family, Super Mario Bros. style ~

Also, on Friday evening, one of my favorite photography bloggers said, “Quick, take a pic of whatever you’re doing right NOW.” And that’s what this is…

Day 263 | Sept 20, Sat – Saturday, Matthew came over in the evening while Tina went out for date night with her man. Homer and Matthew are so cute eating dinner together!

Day 264 | Sept 21, Sun – Sunday morning, we went to our friends’ home to see them and meet their new golden retriever puppy!! I didn’t bring Ashton as we’re still battling fleas over here (ick). But Homer and I really enjoyed meeting the beautiful and nonstop, energetic puppy, Lola!

11 weeks old
11 weeks old

Homer also loved playing with the garden hose with Annabella!

Day 265 | Sept 22, Mon – I just thought the clouds looked really beautiful today!

Day 266 | Sept 23, Tues – Joe gets major props for this day. Just before I left to pick him up, I texted him to let him know that Homer was having a rough afternoon. And Joe picked out a giant Mario doll to bring down from work and lift the mood of the day. So incredibly thoughtful! I love my hubby!! Anyway, the car got all fogged up on the way home, and after we parked, Joe put Mario up to the window like this. I laughed so hard! It looks like something out of a horror film!! 266

Day 267 | Sept 24, Wed – Wednesday I decided to hook up with a homeschool group from MeetUp for a field trip to an Auntie Anne’s pretzel shop! It was super fun!! Here’s our presenter, Mayghan (how’s that for an alternate spelling of Megan… that’s a new one I hadn’t seen yet!), showing the kids how to twist the dough into pretzels.

And here’s Homer’s attempt… Not bad!

But honestly, he spent most of the time there doing this. Why does it feel like he’s invented a new spa treatment? “Relax right here and we’ll just set this pretzel dough on your eyes…”

I’m glad we went – it was really interesting learning about pretzels! Soft ones were invented first, as a symbol of someone praying (people used to pray with their arms crossed over their chest). Then they became a symbol for everlasting love, since they have that little twist and no beginning or end – they were even used in weddings! They are where “tie the knot” came from, according to Mayghan. Small, crunchy pretzels were invented when someone fell asleep waiting for the soft pretzels to finish baking, and found them far overcooked but not yet burnt. They decided to taste them and found they were actually pretty good! Who knew pretzel history could be so interesting?

Day 268 | Sept 25, Thurs – THREE fillings. Blech. Novacaine always yields the weirdest smiles…

And because that’s too strange a pic to end things on, check out these beautiful clouds from the same day!! I love these poofy clouds!!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

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