Project 365 – Week 36

This week was intense. Anxiety brought on by bug infestation… cannot handle blood sucking parasites on my beloved pets (who are wondering why I won’t snuggle them), or the anxiety that ensues when I see them both scratching… And then I just DO go ahead and snuggle them (because I can’t resist for very long, so convince myself the bugs must be gone, and then let them pile on top of me as usual), and end up with gross flea bites. Also, I have been pretty sick with a cold, which sucks. And epic tantrums from my little guy were occurring daily there for a bit. It was quite a week, really.

Plus sides of this week, though, were getting back on track, thank god – as my cold waned, I felt more able to take Homer outside, get us some more fresh air and exercise than usual, and wouldn’t you know it? Things actually calmed down! As of writing this, on Thursday, my cold really does feel gone, which I’m super glad about. I feel like I’ve just emerged from a fog… Other plus sides – good friends, getting to spend time with those good friends, and getting to beta read a novel written by one of those friends, too! I’m glad the week turned around so much, and that we’re all feeling better! And now, our moments captured this week in pictures ~~

Day 248 | Sept 5, Fri – This is really not what I wanted to deal with today. Fleas just… ugh. Why? WHYYYYY? I hate fleas so freaking much. I saw two on Ashton, immediately gave him a bath, then put on his flea preventative, which I was late with applying, ugh. Then it was Tails’s day to go to the vet for a well-kitty checkup and he was totally covered in fleas, which I had no idea about. I hate feeling like a crappy pet owner. I combed him all out though (and my skin will be crawling forever because of it… my nerves can’t handle combing live fleas off animals!), and applied the Frontline, and am hoping that vacuuming, and keeping them on preventative meds will get rid of these horrible things!!!

Day 249 | Sept 6, Sat – I asked some friends online what I should take pictures of, and someone suggested my book case, so here it is! It’s the one in the bedroom, which, as you can tell, is where we usually change Homer’s diapers. That photo frame on top is turned to a pic of me holding a porcupine. (I used to work with all kinds of animals doing zookeeping work, for those reading who may not have known that about me.) Then there’s a bunch of books, Joe’s and mine mixed together, the bottom shelf mostly mine – and I have folders of sheet music in that bottom shelf, too. Anything stuck in there sideways on top is mine. Joe doesn’t do that. He’s the neat and organized one, the majority of the time.

Day 250 | Sept 7, Sun – Beautiful full moon! Or, almost full, anyway.

Day 251 | Sept 8, Mon – Refrigerator oats! This does not look like the tastiest food in the world, but trust me, it is! I’m so excited! I don’t know what made me afraid to try it. I guess I just kept thinking, “But oatmeal should be hot…” How did it never occur to me that it would basically be like cereal with cold milk, which I’ve been eating all my life? Anyway, the combo I used real quick in case you’re interested:
1/2 C old fashioned oats
3/4 C milk
1 tsp cocoa powder
2 tsp maple syrup
1 tsp chia seeds
1 tsp flax meal
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 banana

I just left it in a bowl for about 40 minutes while I did other stuff, came back and enjoyed it! Yum!

There are a bunch of other ideas I can’t wait to try here!

Day 252 | Sept 9, Tues – Something about the way he stands with his hands in his pockets just slays me. My kid is adorable!

Also, I guess tonight was the night the moon was officially full! It looked incredible!

Day 253 | Sept 10, Wed – Today was awesome. I loved having Homer as my little helper making pizza rolls for lunch!

Day 254 | Sept 11, Thurs – Homer and his buddy, Everett, hugging trees at the park. So sweet!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

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