Homer Stories Part 5

In the car, as Joe and I were talking, Homer piped up with saying, “Guys! Okay.. Okay.. We’re ALL zombies!” I love how he sets the stage for his next pretend play session!


We like to talk to Homer about serious subjects as well as light hearted ones, too. So, as subjects of death have come up from time to time (like our cat dying, and my brother and sister in law’s cat dying), we’ve talked about it a bit. One night, Homer asked me more about it, about what would happen if Ashton died, so I told him that he wouldn’t be able to be with us, or think or feel or move, and that he’d be gone. And he thought about it, then said, “Okay. Okay, but Ashton’s not dead… and he likes to chew all my toys… And he can chew them all up…”

It was extremely sweet to me, like okay, this is a pretty heavy subject, but we know Ashton isn’t dead because he likes to chew up my toys, and he can go ahead and do that!

He’s an interesting kid. Any time I think about kids discussing death, I think of this poignant part of a book I love called Waiting for Birdy… (spoiler alert! skip to the next “===” if you don’t want to know!) It’s true stories of motherhood, and the moment I’m thinking of came about when her three year old heard a grown man (a friend of the family) mention his mom, and when the 3 yr old asked, “Oh where’s your mom?” the man said, “Oh my mom died a few years ago.” The man instantly realized he maybe shouldn’t have said that. But then the little boy went over to their Christmas tree, took his dad’s special ornament, his mommy’s, and his own, stacked them all together and put them, touching, all on the same branch. As if that somehow would protect them all. I love little kids’ minds and the way they interpret things. That has stayed with me for years. That’s a GREAT book, and I highly recommend it, by the way.


I told Homer we would go on an exercise walk three times around the apartment complex. When I had done two, and was a bit out of breath, I said, “Okay, let’s just head in.”

“Mommy. You said THREE times,” he said.

“Okay. You’re right. I did. Here we go…” And I did the last loop. He’s a good trainer!!


For anything remotely large, Homer uses the descriptor, “Giant gigantic!” “Look at this giant gigantic leaf!”


Kung Fu is pronounced Fun Coo. The best was that he got an Airbender toy, and kept calling him, “my fun coo guy!” But it sounded like, “fun, cool.” Even though he meant Kung Fu! I also like “Fun coo kick!!” haha!


“Hey guys!” he said one night, in this voice of amazement. “The every time I sleep, the every time my heart bumps!”

We explained that his heart is beating all the time, but it’s just awesome that he noticed his pulse as he’s lying down to sleep. What a cute kid! Also, Homer uses correct wording much of the time, so when he doesn’t, it’s extra super cute to me. “The every time,” just melted my heart!


“Wait. I’ve been practicing! This is my Chicken Singing…” *warbly gargled high-pitched noises*


"I wish I was a bird. I'd fly around. And my friends would be Birdie, Rain, and Flower."


While swinging him on the swing, he asked to go higher and higher. I pushed him extra high, and he laughed and laughed, and shouted, "I'm having the BEST LIFE!"


We were driving around, looking for a beach to meet a friend. I found the beach, but the lot was full, so I pulled out and saw a sign for overflow parking, but missed the street. So I had to turn around AGAIN, and almost missed it, and didn't see the lot, and said, "ARGH!! This is SO aggravating!"

"No!" Homer said, encouragingly. "It's good!"

Doubtfully I said, "Oh it's good?"

And he said, "Yes! It's all good! Because YOU'RE good!"

How did I get so lucky? What a great kid!

I said, "Aw Homer, you are one of the best people I know. You always make me feel better!"

And he said, "It's what I do."


We played a board game for the first time together!! It was Chutes and Ladders. Weirdly, it was also MY first time playing Chutes and Ladders. I kept asking him what number he'd landed on, and showed him how to count spaces. He did and hung in there really well, but at one point he did sigh and say, "This is a LOT of work!"

I asked if he wanted to keep playing and he said yes. And then he won! I was glad, because after all the effort he put in, I think if he'd lost, it might've put him off board games for a while!!


Homer's latest phrase he likes to use is, "I can't believe…" And it applies to anything.

"I can't believe we have a dog!"
"I can't believe we're eating pizza!"
"I can't believe it's DAY time!"

Recently, he learned a little bit more about getting married, because he's been watching us play Tomodachi Life. I told him, "you know, Daddy and I got married."

"Was I even there?" he asked.

I said no, that it was before he was born.

I told him we are still married now, too, and he said, "REALLY?!" It was super cute.

The next evening, when we picked up Joe from work, he was pretty late coming out of the office. He got in the car and the first thing Homer said was, "I can't believe you guys are STILL married!"

Joe said, "I wasn't that late, was I??”

= = =


Hope you all enjoyed these! 😀


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