Project 365 – Week 30

Music, babysitting, colds, naps, slow days, and simplicity… Here’s our week!

Day 206 | July 25, Fri – This Friday we went to a local park for a kids’ concert! It was really cute, with lots of fun songs. Here’s one of Homer’s little buddies, Ella, who may have thought the music was a bit too loud. Or maybe she was just dancing, I’m not actually sure. I AM sure that she is super cute!

And here’s the band…

Day 207 | July 26, Sat – Sarah is in the middle of buying one house and selling the current one, and needed a day to do a LOT of work. So little Marcus came on over here! He was great. Poor guy had a little cold, which nobody knew until about an hour after he arrived. Lots of sneezing and nose wiping! Anyway, we did manage to get outside for a while, which was really nice. Though this picture says it all. As I told my mom, someone was a little J-E-A-L-O-U-S of the little guy, which made for a rough day. Meltdown City, oh my holy crackerjack. It was intense. But we all survived, and Sarah got a ton of work done, so mission accomplished!

Day 208 | July 27, Sun – Then on Sunday, little Tank came to visit so my brother and sis in law could move!! They bought a new house, too. Everyone’s buying houses, it’s crazy!! Anyway, these two were hilarious all day, wrestling like goofballs for hours. This is the only non-blurry play pic I got, and this is just because they were both catching their breath!

They finally wore each other out, though.

And just a shot of silliness at home. I like the way it turned out! 😉 (That’s my hair clip – he loves that thing!)

Day 209 | July 28, Mon – Turns out I caught Marcus’s cold! (Even with my obsessive hand washing on Saturday! Oh well! I guess I can’t wash out my lungs and I must’ve breathed in some germs. Oops. What are you gonna do?) So, I was not feeling the whole photography thing today. Here’s a pic of our bridge that leads to our apartment…

Day 210 | July 29, Tues – At night, while we brush teeth, Homer often loves to go through the cabinet and look at my jewelry. From left to right, that’s a cubic zirconia ring (NOT a diamond – don’t worry, I’m not that crazy, ha!), Joe’s wedding band, and another ring of mine. Homer likes to make the rings talk to each other, which is incredibly cute. I also just love how his little hand is still such a baby hand…

Day 211 | July 30, Wed – Nap time snuggles with my beebs. I love this kid so freakin’ much. Also, I like taking crazy looking CPAP selfies! 😉

Day 212 | July 31, Thurs – Relaxing with a glass of water before bed. Thanks for the reminder, Mickey! The ups, the downs, the frustrations, the celebrations… it really is a magical life.

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

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