Project 365 – Week 34

Day 234 | Aug 22, Fri – Friday we spent at my mom’s house while our shower was resurfaced in our apartment. We had a lot of fun eating lunch with Nonna, walking the doggies, playing, and even got in a nice nap. πŸ™‚ Here is my mom’s sweet girl, Layla.

Day 235 | Aug 23, Sat – Saturday was spent mostly playing Diablo III. I’m playing a crusader, Homer is a barbarian, and Joe is a witch doctor. I love that all 3 of us can play a game like this together now!! I really expected Homer would have to be a lot older, but he gets it. When he asked me to turn it on one day before Joe got home from work, I said we should wait because I didn’t know how to play it. Homer replied, “Just find the monsters, then kill ’em up!” Turns out, he’s right, that’s pretty much it! It’s really fun battling together and using our various abilities. It’s also hilarious the number of times we have to say, “Wait no Homer, come back, don’t go in that room yet, aauugghh okay…” and then run in and fight all the monsters he has aggro’d. Him playing with us adds an unexpected level of hilarity to the game – I love it, and I love him! It’s really fun playing video games together as a family.

Day 236 | Aug 24, Sun – I love finding these two goobers just sleeping together. They are such good friends, it’s really sweet.

Day 237 | Aug 25, Mon – Okay, serious slacking today. I just forgot, really. My head is not in photography this week for some reason. Anywho, here’s a quick pic of the Every Simpsons Ever Marathon that we’ve been tuning into fairly regularly. Today, Homer watched and imitated Homer Simpson saying “d’oh!” That is the last thing I want. I did not name my kid after Homer Simpson, world!! Just FYI!

Day 238 | Aug 26, Tues – An hour to myself, thanks to my good friend, Laura! I thought it was cool that when the Starbucks guy asked my name and I told him, “Meghan,” he asked, “With an h?” “YES!” I said, surprised. No one ever asks me that! Too cool!! (Btw, I may consider not having coffee next time I try to do quiet time to myself… Jittery hyperness kind of defeats the cozy, quiet vibe I’d had in mind, but it all worked out, anyway!)

Day 239 | Aug 27, Wed – Homer’s VERY FIRST trip to the dentist! He did SO well! I was worried, I admit. He’d seemed pretty scared by the idea of going in. But we practiced opening our mouths wide, and talked about it a bunch. We’d already read Maisy, Charlie, and the Wobbly Tooth a bunch of times, too. (That’s a good one!) He let them clean his teeth, use the water and suction, everything. And the dentist said his teeth look really great! Woohoo!!

That night, we went to a BBQ on the beach with our friends, Tina and Paul and their kids, Matthew and Addison. We got there right at sunset, and I couldn’t wait to snap a few shots…

Day 240 | Aug 28, Thurs – This shot is not as clear as I’d hoped, but that’s partly because Homer is incapable of holding still when I take pictures, haha! Here are my little guy’s hands in a random moment of the day, nails too long and dirty, the nails of a wiggly kid who’s always off on the next adventure, getting into everything that interests him. I love these little hands!!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

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4 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 34”

    1. Thank you SO much, Cori!! It was a pretty good week. I got slammed with an insane toddler tantrum that I didn’t end up writing about, and that was an awful day. But the rest of the week was really good, especially the beach day. I was so excited to arrive there right at sunset. πŸ™‚

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