Project 365 – Week 33

Day 227 | Aug 15, Fri – My dad has been wanting to go to the LeMay Car Museum for years, so we made the trek on down there with him! Dad is definitely the car aficionado, but we all had a really great time. Homer was probably a bit young for this museum, as every time I turned around, I found myself saying, “Sorry, buddy, don’t touch that, please don’t touch that, get out of there, no, don’t cross the ropes, stop pulling on the ropes, please.. Homer! Please!” Etc etc. Finally, on the ground floor, there were pine car derby racers and stuff kids could actually touch, so that worked out really well, and then we ate lunch and headed home. On the drive back, all three of them fell asleep. So cute having all my guys asleep at once! I’m glad we had such a fun day there!

Day 228 | Aug 16, Sat – The next day, we headed up to Lummi Island! Dad, Homer and I all hadn’t been there since Garth and Cinnamon’s wedding two years ago, and it was SO nice to be back! I love it there. It was so nice of Cinnamon’s mom, Korkee, and her boyfriend, Charlie to let us all stay there too, and feed us such great food, and coffee too! Heavenly. πŸ˜€

Here’s a really sweet after dinner moment – Cinnamon, Garth, and Homer all washing dishes together…

The clouds looked so beautiful in the evening…

Day 229 | Aug 17, Sun – The next day we saw Cinnamon’s dad, Basil, where a tree battle ensued! And the puppies battled and played like the maniacs they are all weekend, too!

Later that day, we joined Cinnamon’s Aunt Donna, and cousin Amanda, at their family BBQ they invited us to. There were lots of really nice people, yummy food, and cute kids and dogs.

Homer liked having pool noodle wars with everyone, especially this sweet little girl!

Day 230 | Aug 18, Mon – For Dad’s last night in town, we had dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse, which Dad had been talking about all week. Glad we could finally get him those beignets he’d been craving! Here’s a pic I took of Homer playing on the playground to get some of those wiggles out before needing to sit still in a restaurant!

And this is one Joe took of us at dinner! Thank goodness he thought to do that, because I didn’t even realize that I had taken ZERO pics with my dad the entire trip! This is the only one!!! Man. I gotta get better about these things!

Day 231 | Aug 19, Tues – Dad headed back home to Texas, so it was back to normal life today. So much activity made for a worn out family, so we spent this cloudy day mostly watching cartoons!

Here’s Ashton in his daily evening stance, on the lookout for Daddy, as we wait for him to come out of work!

Day 232 | Aug 20, Wed – Homer did great at his 3 year old well child checkup, chatting with the doctor, and having a great time. He even sang her his ABC’s!

Day 233 | Aug 21, Thurs – And last but not least, super cute pics from our awesome zoo day with friends!!


As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

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