Project 365 – Week 31

What a full week! This was the week Joe’s family came to town, who we hadn’t seen in many years! Like seriously, maybe 12 years. Too crazy. We had never even met our nephew before, and they hadn’t met Homer either, so it was nice to finally have everyone together! Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 213 | Aug 1, Fri – Friday night selfies with the puppy. Why not? 😉 I love this dog!

Day 214 | Aug 2, Sat – Joe’s sister, Tricia, came to town with her husband, Bob, and their son, Edmund! Here’s Edmund and Homer, while Ed plays Skylanders. Cousins hanging out for the first time! So cool! When I asked Homer if he’s like to go ahead and sit down with Edmund, this is where he squished himself, right in the arm of the couch. So cute! He really liked Edmund a lot!!

Day 215 | Aug 3, Sun – The next day, we checked out Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett together, and it was a lot of fun. The boys definitely liked the huge train table!!

And here they are in the evening being silly…

Day 216 | Aug 4, Mon – Monday was HOTTTTTT and we basically did nothing all day. We were going to try to make it into the city, but that didn’t end up happening. Tricia, Bob, and Edmund got some site seeing in, at least. Homer asked to take an early nap, so I knew he must be really tired! And he slept a while. So did we! I think we all needed some rest, especially in the heat. I felt pretty sick, as I’m very sensitive to heat, and honestly am kind of looking forward to Summer being over, or at least the 90s temps anyway. Give me 77 degrees any day and I’ll be thrilled!

Anyway, the actual pic for the day is a bit of a dud, unfortunately, and is courtesy of poor Ashton, who woke me up in the night needing some help. He had a sick stomach, so I had to take him outside and wash his bedding. Poor guy! (He’s doing fine now, so that’s good. 🙂 ) I also remembered that I hadn’t taken any pics at all (thinking we’d have an opportunity once we got to the city, which we never did!), so that’s how this one came about. Gotta love those, “oops, I need a pic for the day, quick photograph something!” days!

Day 217 | Aug 5, Tues – Tuesday we went to the Museum of Flight, which was really cool! Here are the pics I’m most excited about, as far as quality of photography goes…


But this is my favorite pic of the day just because it’s so dang cute!

Day 218 | Aug 6, Wed – Then Wednesday, Tricia and family all went hiking for the first part of the day, and in the evening, we got together at the park for dinner and playing. (And crazy tantrums on Homer’s part, thanks to heat and extreme tiredness and excitement, but at least that didn’t last all night long…)

I didn’t want to forget to take a pic, so I took this one in the afternoon of Ashton dutifully patrolling the neighborhood…

But here’s a great one Joe took at the park of Bob pushing Homer on the swings.

Day 219 | Aug 7, Thurs – This morning, Tricia and her family all had to go back home to Chicago, so it was back to our normal routine over here. Joe went to work, and Homer and I were lucky enough to go to a play date with Jodie and Will, and now… Lily! She’s 5 weeks old, and it was so nice to meet her! (And snuggle her!)

And here are Homer and Will, being impossibly cute in their safety goggles. 😀 What a fun morning!!

And that was our week! As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

Join us in taking a photo a day for the entire year! Visit the gracious hosts of this project if you like: Mindi from Simply Stavish, Sarah from Nurse Loves Farmer, and Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming.

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