Project 365 – Week 27

We had a mostly good week, ourselves. A lady from the California moms group I was in had a terrifying week, though – her husband and toddler son were in a severe car accident while she was home with her one week old newborn. Her husband is okay, but their toddler spent a few days on life support, with severe injuries. The good news is that he’s already doing so much better, off the support, breathing on his own. I can only imagine the stress of all of this, and I do know a what it’s like waiting months to see if your child will show any signs of brain damage. Homer had some not-breathing episodes as a newborn, and I was told it’s “unlikely” he would have any damage from it, but they couldn’t say for sure, of course, and it’s kind of a wait and see kind of thing. Anyway, I’m incredibly relieved that her little guy is doing better, and that their whole family is being surrounded in love and support by the community. It’s amazing.

As for us, a lot of our time was spent with friends and lots of time spent outside, too. I’ve started a new walking routine and mentally that feels really good, even if I am ridiculously sore. This is what happens when you’re super out of shape, but I know it gets better, so I’ll just keep on going. It’s also been really hot – it’s definitely summer! While I do get a bit overwhelmed by the heat, I do enjoy all the quintessential summery things, like popsicles outside, iced coffee, bright bathing suits, playing at the beach or in the sprinklers, and reading outside. That last one I haven’t done yet, I’ll have to get right on that. Anyway, it’s nice to feel like things are all just flowing pretty smoothly, and for that, I’m grateful.

Day 185 | July 4, Fri – Happy Independence Day!!! It was a bit of a crazy day!! I got up early to exercise, which was great. Then we were supposed to go to a BBQ lunch, starting at 1pm, but there was some wild behavior that meant nap time was in order. Once we finally got there, my phone was dead, and I’d forgotten my Canon. So, no pics of our awesome time at our friends’ place! Smoke bombs, strobe light flashers, poppers, pop-its, and a big TNT-shooting-in-the-sky firework!! And my very first-ever sparkler!! We didn’t really ever do fireworks when I was a kid. They were usually illegal due to droughts in Texas, and we just… I actually have no idea why! Maybe it was my mom worrying we’d get hurt or something. Anyway, I’m glad we got to do it, and it was super fun. I’m still kicking myself for forgetting the camera, though!

Another fun 4th of July moment – one of the ladies who was supposed to be there couldn’t make it because she was busy having her first baby! It was so exciting hearing that her son had been born in the early evening!

Here’s Ashton and me at the very end of the night once I was back home. Luckily, he absolutely could not have cared less about any of the fireworks activity. It was our first 4th with him, and I wasn’t sure how it would go, but it went great! Whew!

Day 186 | July 5, Sat – A year ago on this date, I had surgery to remove the “contents” of a missed miscarriage. That’s what they call it. The contents of the uterus. It was a very sad day for me, and a rough one for Homer, too, who hadn’t understood at all what was happening, why he couldn’t nurse, why Mommy was sick in bed… I knew I wanted to do something special and fun today, but wasn’t sure what, until it all just worked out perfectly. I’d thrown my name into the hat in the local Buy Nothing group for a tricycle, and my name was chosen. I took Homer with me to pick it up, and came home and rode it all over the tennis courts where he learned to really get the hang of the pedals and steering. It was so cute watching him! And I adore the old fashioned look to this trike. Such a fun way to spend an afternoon!

Day 187 | July 6, Sun – Homer and I took the tricycle out for an evening spin at the park, but he was so excited by the park, he just wanted to ride down the slides and swing on the swings! I just thought the sky looked so beautiful as the sun started to set (around 8pm!). It stays late until about 9:30pm. So crazy to me! I love it.

Day 188 | July 7, Mon – While we were at our favorite coffee shop, Homer told me his imaginary friend, Goliad, (from Adventure Time) was with us. Here she is from the cartoon:


And this is her at the coffee shop. 😉 Homer’s saying, “Do you like to be petted?” and petting Goliad. Could he be any cuter?!!

Day 189 | July 8, Tues – Happy birthday to my sweet Tails!!! Five years old! What a wonderful kitty he is.

Day 190 | July 9, Wed – It was a bit of a crazy day of musical beaches, trying to figure out which one we were supposed to meet Tina at (stopped at the wrong one first!), then the original beach destination was super windy, so we re-grouped and finally found each other at another beach entirely. That’s the cool thing about so many lakes – lots of different beaches!! I didn’t even realize. This was our first beach outing, really, since we’ve moved here, and it was so much fun. It was great spending time with Tina, and the kids, too. Here’s Matthew, sitting in a different shaded area than ours, saying, “I wanna sit with these girls!”

And here’s Homer, joining in on the festive water splashing battle with Matthew. He is all prepped and ready to splash him with a castle full of water. The funny thing is he kept spilling so much water during the chase that the actual splash was never super big. Silly Homer! It was so cute watching them have a great time together.

Day 191 | July 10, Thurs – Today was a lazy recovery day at home. Our big achievement for the day was picking up a few groceries. Anyway, here is Ash at the exact moment he heard a noise outside! He is always on patrol, this crazy dog. Maybe one day he’ll learn he doesn’t have to bark at every single dog he hears outside. 😉

Okay, I was just finishing this post when Joe and Homer started playing silly games, and I had to include this shot from tonight. Here is King Homer, in his robe and crown. 😀

And that’s it from us! As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

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