Project 365 – Week 25

Week 25! We had a pretty tiring week, but got through it just fine. We’re happy it’s the weekend! Anywho, check out some of what happened this week. I guess I had a hard time choosing just one photo a day since several are collages, ha! But whatevs, I think they tell the story better. Here we go!

Day 171 | June 20, Fri – I was pretty excited to go out (by myself!) for my friend, Katie’s, birthday party! She had awesome plans of meeting up and getting drinks, doughnuts, ice cream, cupcakes, or dinner or something. And her friend, Alex, said, “why not all of the above?!” So that’s what we did! It was a fun, sugar-crazed time! Here’s Katie enjoying her cupcake and impromptu lap dance. This pic cracks me up!

Day 172 | June 21, Sat – Dog Park!! So fun getting together with Garth and Cinnamon and little Tank at the dog park! Here are Ashton, Tank, and a corgi pup named Boo that we met that day, all playing together in their usual blurry-photo way. šŸ˜‰ Btw, Happy Summer Solstice!!!

Day 173 | June 22, Sun – Garth had to go to Mom’s to help her set up her new monitor, so Homer, Ashton and I headed on down, too. Here’s Garth and me!

I knew I wanted to take this pic, because I already had plans of making this collage! Same place, same people, even the same month! Just 13 years apart. Man, we look really different!! A lot has changed over the years, but I’m glad us getting together and being close siblings isn’t one of them. Love you, Garth!!

Day 174 | June 23, Mon – Homer and I had some fun times today, most of which were not photographed!! Including seeing baby goats at a local park!!! I could claim the reason there are no photos of that is that I was concentrating on spending more time living in the moment, but really, I’m notoriously bad at remembering to charge my phone, so it was just too low on power to even use the camera! Anyway, this collage is interesting to me because it’s not often I catch the EXACT MOMENT Homer gets completely sick of me taking photos. This went from excitement of playing with pretend snowball canons as we battled each other to, “Mommy, put the phone AWAY and just PLAY WITH ME!” Not pictured – the return of his bright smile as we played some more *without* any more photography. šŸ™‚

Day 175 | June 24, Tues – Homer LOVES snow (as I’m sure you gathered from yesterday’s pretend snowball fight). He often says, “Is it going to snow? I wish it was snow outside!” He was on cloud 9 when it snowed back on his actual birthday in February. On that day, Joe collected a bunch of snow in a 2 liter Coke bottle…

Then, five months later, on a sunny day in June, as Homer lamented that it wasn’t snowing, Joe said, “Let’s have a surprise!” So we took out the snow bottle from the freezer, which was now a hard block of ice, in the shape of a Coke bottle, haha! And used a grater to shred it up into snow again. Homer loved his birthday snow surprise!! It was really a lot of fun!

Day 176 | June 25, Wed – Could today have been any crazier?! Oh my god. We had to get our shower floor resurfaced today, so we had to put plastic tarps up over all of our stuff, and then get all of us, animals included, out of the house by 9am. We took Joe to work, and Homer and I took the pets to my mom’s house. I think this day deserves a post all its own, actually… For now, here’s a pic of Homer walking Ashton at my mom’s place with his new retractable leash (that Homer is totally obsessed with!)…

Day 177 | June 26, Thurs – Today was a really lazy day. We were wiped OUT from the last few days of cleaning and prepping for the resurfacing job. I almost forgot to even take a picture. But I did remember! Here is one of the latest things Ash chewed up… Hmm. Maybe he is trying to tell us something….

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

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2 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 25”

    1. Thank you so much!! I think it’s fun to see the differences too. I love those comparison pics many years apart that I see online, so it was great to actually make one myself. And thanks, it was, it was a very silly, fun night!

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