Project 365 – Week 23

It’s kind of alarming how quickly the weeks fly by!! I think to myself, oh I should work on sorting out my photos for my 365 project and I’ll already be ahead. And then I realize, oh wait, it’s Thursday, I’m not ahead, I’m just… exactly on time. Or I’ll suddenly realize it’s Friday and I haven’t done anything with the photos!!

Anyway, it’s good to still be enjoying this project. Reflecting on the week and seeing the highlights of what we’ve been up to, then piecing it all together… it’s actually a lot of fun!

For me, this was a hard week. I was not feeling well and trying really hard to remain patient (and failing at times) while trying to care for Homer and Ashton both. (Tails has been pretty easy, so that’s a relief!) Fun times with friends definitely boosted our spirits and I’m starting to feel a lot better too, so I think we’re back on the upswing. Here are the fun moments from our (somewhat trying) week… (It’s cool to see so much good even when things didn’t always feel that awesome, you know what I mean?)

Day 157 | June 6, Fri – So I completely forgot to take real pictures for a few days! Luckily I was playing Tomodachi Life enough that I got some screen caps. So here’s a pic of my islanders celebrating having 10 residents. That’s my mom, Homer, Ren, Joe and me. Did I mention I love this game?

Day 158 | June 7, Sat – And here’s my pop band, the Soda Pops! 😀 That’s me in the front, and my background singers are Joe, Kaila, Luigi (from Mario Bros.), and Sarah.

Day 159 | June 8, Sun – All right, back to real pics! Still just with my camera phone, maybe someday soon I can pick up my Canon again. But for now, I’m happy just to be keeping up with this project! It’s just too easy the way my phone uploads to a website where I can transfer the photos, number them, and stick ’em in a blog post. There’d be at least two more steps if I used my Canon. ;P Anyway, here’s Homer, having dumped his entire stuffed animal collection onto his bed and playing with his one chickie in the stuffed animal bin. He is so funny! He’s wearing his birthday shirt too, the one I made him. I’m glad he likes it. 🙂

Day 160 | June 9, Mon – Monday morning, I decided to take my little guy out to breakfast! This is the most he’s ever colored on one of these kids’ menus. We had some yummy IHOP pancakes. Homer loved testing out the flavored syrups! He ate 4 of those silver dollar pancakes and a piece of bacon! That’s a huge breakfast for him. I love going out to eat with my Homer!

Day 161 | June 10, Tues – My sweet Ashton! I think this is one of the better pictures I’ve taken of him. I’m glad I got this pic on this day, because honestly, it was just the worst day; I had ultra high anxiety because Ash had diarrhea all over the carpet and Homer had already had the worst tantrums that morning, and I had to deal with doctor’s appointments because I wasn’t feeling great, and… it was just a *hard* day. Recognizing how cute my sweet dog is through the lens of my camera definitely helped me feel better! (And his tummy seems better, too, thank goodness!)

Day 162 | June 11, Wed – Play date at our friends’ house! These boys and their mamas are awesome people. We always have a really wonderful time here. And it’s great that Ashton can play with the doggies and have his own play date, too! 🙂 A much, much better day than yesterday!!

Day 163 | June 12, Thurs – My little loves all sitting together first thing in the morning…

Then we went to our friend, Larissa’s, house and painted and raced wooden cars together!

And before we left, Homer completely fell in love with the wonders of the Slinky!!

We actually bought a metal slinky that same day since Homer was so infatuated, and it has already been completely demolished! Going to go on the hunt for a plastic slinky sometime, preferably rainbow colored like Larissa and Ev’s!! Wish us luck! 😉

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

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Catch the Moment

8 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 23”

  1. The first two pictures are hilarious! At least you didn’t miss a day! And, who doesn’t love a good Slinky?!?! World’s best toy right there!

  2. my boys LOVE batman. Constant sight in my photos (and my life- ha)! And I tried to do this a couple of years a go and only made it until april because of my lack of organization and not staying on top of it. This year has been so much easier for me so far because of the project and support. I love it because it actually forces me to go through my pics a few times a week (deleting bad/duplicate images) which I never did before…which made sorting through pictures to try to find things annoying. Whoo hoo for Catch the Moment!

    1. That’s so funny about Batman being such a big part of life. Homer still likes the shirt but his Batman phase (which lasted a while!), has now mostly faded. He’s more interested in Captain America lately, mostly because he likes the star shield, haha!

      Yes, I know exactly what you mean!! I only made it through January the last time I tried to do a Project 365. Catch the Moment has helped SO much, I’m super grateful for it, too! 😀

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