Project 365 – Week 19

Day 129 | May 9, Fri – Homer, sitting on the hammock thingie at the local park. His smile says it all.

Day 130 | May 10, Sat – Homer snuggling with Uncle Garth. Garth had met with Joe, Homer, Mom, and me at BJ’s Brewhouse, where we had an early Mother’s Day lunch together. It was really fun! Afterward, Garth came over with Tank and all of us had even more fun. Homer loves his uncle so much! I like how Garth totally looks like he’s falling asleep here, but really, I think I just caught him mid-blink!

Day 131 | May 11, Sun – Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s my beautiful, crazy kid, “hiking” (i.e., walking around our apartment complex, climbing on rocks and such) in his pj’s and beloved rain boots (seriously, he wants to wear them everywhere)! I love being his mommy!!

Day 132 | May 12, Mon – Me with glasses, just because I figured most people don’t usually see me with my glasses, since I rarely wear them. They’re just for reading, and even for reading, I don’t wear them as often as I probably should.

Day 133 | May 13, Tues – My poor kiddo came down with a cold, and so did Joe and I! Therefore, sleepy day indoors watching cartoons! Bummer, too, because it was so nice outside, but whatever, it happens.

Day 134 | May 14, Wed – Homer, trying on my glasses! And sporting some classic bedhead.

Day 135 | May 15, Thurs – Omg. Ashton, snuggling with the baby opossum stuffed animal we have!! There is nothing cuter than pets sleeping with stuffed animals!

All righty, that’s it for this week. As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week, too!

= = = = = = =

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