Project 365 – Week 18

Day 122 | May 2, Fri – These are the treasures Homer got for me during our morning outside. It was so cute how he kept handing me things.

Another kid played with Homer on the playground and found him and Homer some large sticks. Homer loved his walking sticks and kept walking with them even after the other kid left. I love how he and Ashton looked trekking across the large lawn together.

Day 123 | May 3, Sat – The next day, it rained a lot, and Homer loved catching the rain pouring off the carports in an old Coke bottle.

Day 124 | May 4, Sun – Tails likes this sleeping spot…

Day 125 | May 5, Mon – We met up with our friends at McDonald’s for some play time in the morning. This is Homer with his buddy, Matthew.

Day 126 | May 6, Tues – Wiggle Works with Marcus! Homer likes trying to do the same things Marcus does. He’s a funny kid!

Day 127 | May 7, Wed – Here are the flowers Homer got for me. At Trader Joe’s, he picked them out and said with an awed voice, “Flowwerrsss…” and then, “Here, I picked these out for you. We should take them home!” How can you say no to that, right?? I love my flowers, and I love my kid!

Day 128 | May 8, Thurs – We had a fun time at Auntie Cinnamon’s place today!!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

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